How He Asked

Jamie is an attorney who works for a friend of mine at his law firm. I asked my friend to schedule a fake client meeting in order to keep Jamie at work until 7pm. I told Jamie that I would take her out to dinner once she got home. In the meantime, I had ditched work early and was busy setting up the roof deck terrace of our apartment building. I was running around decorating it with string lights, a clothesline of photos of us, candles, and rose petals. I set up chilled champagne and dinner on a table for two with romantic music by the firepit overlooking the Statehouse. My brother is a photographer, so I also arranged for him to be hiding on the roof deck to take pictures. He and I also hid two GoPro cameras on the roof deck to try and capture the entire event.

As Jamie and I waited for our fake uber to arrive, I suggested we check out the sunset. Once we arrived on the roof deck and Jamie saw the setup, she still wasn’t sure what was going on and thought maybe it was just a romantic dinner. It wasn’t until she spotted my brother taking pictures that it hit her. At that point, with my heart racing, I starting telling her all the reasons why I love her and can’t live without her. With ringcam in hand, I got down and one knee and she made me the happiest man in the World!