How She Asked

We are both born, raised, and currently reside in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Louisiana is known for its great variety of food to choose from especially seafood. One of the most popular things people from Louisiana eat is crawfish. With that being said, my now fiancée Faith, one of her favorite things to eat is crawfish. Crawfish season in Louisiana usually spans from January to July. During these months, about once a week, or once every two weeks depending on our work schedules we usually have a crawfish eating picnic. We have a fairly private, but open to the public designated picnic spot we always go to. Our picnic spot is located in a very quiet area, near our State Capitol building, on a lake, with one of the most beautiful views in the city. On a normal picnic day we usually see about 2 to 3 people that may pass through the area where we are having our picnic. Those people are usually joggers/bikers or a photographer. The photographers are usually taking pictures of the area and its beautiful scenery, and on a few occasions they have asked could they take a picture of us while we were having our picnic. It’s actually an area where a lot of brides come to take prewedding day pictures in their dress.

So allow me to back track about 2 and a half weeks before I pop the big question. My fiancée Faith had left to go on a cruise with some relatives. Giving me plenty of private practice time with the Ring Cam and how to properly operate it. With her being gone on a cruise, it also allowed me to secretly go over to her parents’ house to show off the engagement ring, and ask for their blessing on marrying their daughter. Especially to have that talk with her dad (Rest In Peace May 6 2016) because I’m all about respect. They both were all excited and gave me their blessing, and her little brother promised to keep it a secret from her until I propose. So I continued with my plan.

When Faith returned back from the cruise it was about 4 days before Valentine’s Day 2016. I did not propose on Valentine’s Day, but I did use that time of year to lead up to the proposal a week after V-Day. I bought her floor tickets to the Tyrese concert, along with a charm bracelet with many charms representing some experiences we have shared in our relationship. I also had a Special Charm which was a ring charm. So the day after she returned from the cruise I took her out so that we could relive our very first date, which was pretty cool. Then on February 13th, I took her out to a nice restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day and present her with her gifts (concert ticket for Feb. 14th, jewelry, and charm bracelet without the Special Ring Charm). I told her that I did have another charm for her bracelet coming in a few days because it was on back order. Of course I already had the ring charm, but I was going to use it for the proposal a week later on February 21, 2016.

February 21, 2016, is the day I was about to make one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. While I was at work, I told Faith later that afternoon when I get off, I wanted us to have a picnic at the spot, then catch a movie afterwards. I also told her that the jewelry store shipped in your other charm, so I will be bringing that out to the picnic with me. We had planned for a 4 o’clock picnic. After I got off work I had to hurry up and get cleaned up, buy the food, and meet up with the hired photographer at the picnic spot to discuss the proposal plan and his approach. With me not knowing that I would run into a delay at the store where I was buying the crawfish, Faith called and told me that she was on her way to the picnic spot. Becoming very nervous that she might make it to the picnic spot before me because I was waiting on the boiled crawfish to be ready along with 30 other people. She called me again to tell me that there was a stopped train on the track preventing her from taking the route she knows to the picnic spot. I admit there was a little celebration in my head while I was on the phone with her because that train just gave me a little more time to beat her to the picnic spot and set everything up. Once I received my food order and made it to the picnic spot to set up, I called her back to help guide her on a different route because that train was not moving.

Faith finally arrived to the picnic spot looking beautiful as ever not having one clue of what was about to happen. After laughing and joking about the train, she saw my nice set up of the boiled crawfish, corn, potatoes, and another one of her favorite a boiled turkey neck. She immediately started to eat and I had to hurry up and stop her because the “unknown” hired photographer was approaching us to ask to take our picture. Right after he took a few pictures of us as planned, that was my key to go ahead with my proposal. I had the Ring Cam hiding in a bag ready to pull out right after she opened her charm gift, which was a ring charm for her bracelet. As she looked down to open her gift, I was pulling out the Ring Cam. She saw it was a ring charm, and as soon as she looked back at me there I was recording as I got down on one knee. I caught every moment of excitement and happiness.

This moment was perfect and I am very blessed and thankful to have found out about this Ring Cam………Thank You!!!!!