“I had no clue it ( the camera) was there! I was too focused on the ring and the camera is very discreet. I loved having footage of my authentic reaction to share with our friends and family.” Dana

How they met We actually met online through a dating app. I would have never imagined meeting someone so substantial to my life in that way, but when we talked we realized how much we had in common. We both work in the music industry and we had a number of mutual friends as well, so I felt very comfortable with him right off the bat. Our first date was at at Dave & Buster’s at the Opry Resort in Nashville, TN. We had a couple of beers, bowled, he gave me a tour of the resort, and finished the night with some sushi. After our date he continued to persue me like a true gentleman. He thought of creative dates, brought me flowers, embraced my friends, opened doors and finally convinced me to open my heart again and be his girlfriend. We had a year full of adventure and getting to know each other before he popped the question. And as they say, the rest is history!
How he asked We were on our summer vacation up in Michigan where Jason is from. We met Jason’s best friend, (his best friends) wife, and her family for a trip on their boat on Lake Huron up to Mackinac Island, MI. The trip should have taken only 8 hours, but ended up taking 13 due to choppy water and some engine trouble. We stopped about halfway at a random dock to refuel and check out the engines. Jason spotted a beautiful lighthouse in the distance and asked if I wanted to take a walk to check it out. The weather had been a little overcast and a tad chilly, but at his point in the evening the sun was beginning to set and the clouds had parted for a beautiful and warm end of the day. I noticed Jason’s hands were in his pockets, but I had no clue he was going to pop the question because this spot was totally unplanned. Jason had no idea the lighthouse was even there or that we would have stopped. When we arrived at the lighthouse, it was completely secluded and gorgeous. I was just exploring and taking pictures when I turned, and I saw Jason place his camara on the ground and walk towards me. My heart leapt and happy tears came to my eyes. He hugged me tight and told me how much he loved me, then got on one knee and asked me to marry him! Obviously, I said yes. šŸ™‚