How He Asked

It started months before it ever happened with a lot of hours of planning every detail to make sure it all turned out perfect. The day that it happened we drove out to Rachel’s grandparents farm thinking we would go for a quick visit and then off to the mountains for the day to celebrate her birthday and being done school for the year. Once we got the farm we chatted only for a few minutes and then her grandpa told us that he needed the two of us to go up to the Giants Castle (large rock formation on their property) because he had forgotten one of his tools there.

I convinced her to go up the hill with me to go and get it so that her grandpa wouldn’t have to go and get it at a later time. As we walked up the hill we were also looking for deer antlers that may have fallen off in that area in the spring that had just past. Rachel took the low end of the rocks and I took the high side of the rocks. The problem was that I had a sign set up that you would eventually run into if you were walking on the lower side of the rocks. Luckily Rachel wanted to stop and get a picture a short distance away from where I had the sign set up. I could actually see the sign behind me so I made sure to make it a quick picture.

Once I had taken the picture I made sure to walk along the bottom side of the rocks and let Rachel walk higher up. As soon as I got behind the rocks with my sign I took the ring out of my pocket and started recording with the ring cam. I called her down to where I was knelt down on one knee in front of the sign. Her grandparents dog thought that the ring was for him and he tired to steal if from me. Rachel came around the corner and saw the sign and I will never forget the look on her face when it happened. Oh and of course she said YES!!!
I loved how it captured the moment as well as the build up to it happening. We get the chance to relive this moment forever now which is so incredibly special!!! -Jason