How He Asked

For almost a year, Keeley and I had been discussing taking a weekend trip down to the Oregon coast. We were planning on going there for our one year anniversary, but we were unable to do so at that time. A couple of months before we went to the beach for the weekend, I had gone to purchase the ring. With some help from a few friends, I was able to have Keeley distracted for an entire Friday night so I could drive across Washington State to go ask for her parents permission to propose.

After getting their permission, setting the reservation, and ordering the Ring Cam, it just became of matter of finding the right spot. My plan was to do it on the beach, and I had her convinced that a proposal wouldn’t be happening until the next year at least (we had been discussing marriage for quite a while).

We got to the coast on a Friday night while it was pouring rain, and I was praying really hard that it wouldn’t rain that next day. Saturday morning came with sunny skies so I knew that today was going to work out. I took Keeley out for breakfast, and to several attractions in the surrounding area. I had the ring on me the whole time as I had no idea when and where we would be heading down to the water. It was really difficult to keep calm and reserved while I was with her.

In the early afternoon we went down to the beach, and we went off to a secluded spot. We had just written our names in the sand, took a few pictures, and stood there for a few moments to enjoy the scenery. I looked around and saw that no one was around and thought, “this is my chance!” I looked at her, told her that I couldn’t wait for us to spend the rest of our lives together, and that it was time to that we began moving in that direction. I got down on one knee, asked her to marry me, and she said yes! She had no idea that it was coming, and she was so surprised. Even to this day we haven’t quite calmed down from that weekend.