How they met Jennifer and I met in June of 2007 when we were 19 at my cousin’s(who is now my best man) 21st birthday party. She was absolutely beautiful, full of life and adventurous. We dated for the next 3 years, had our share of ups and our share of downs, me being a young guy I was not completely ready to commit…she was. We stopped dating and went our separate ways for about 2 years, she never left my mind. Jennifer stayed in touch with another cousin of mine (who is now her matron of honer), it is through my cousin that I found out where she was working, so I waited outside her job one night when she was getting off work (I am not a stalker, I swear). We started talking again and before we knew it our relationship kicked off in the best direction it possibly could. I finally got the woman of my dreams back into my life. Jennifer and I began looking for homes a year ago, bought a home in Massapequa, NY. It was at this time I asked her father’s permission to marry his daughter, he approved and I had a ring custom made for her.
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How he asked I took a day off of work (which she thought I was at work all day) and took a drive up to PA, I hiked a few different trails trying to find the perfect spot to propose, theres a plethora of different waterfalls, I found Dingman’s Falls. I picked a weekend and told Jennifer that my parents had a room comped at a nearby hotel in the Poconos that we could use for a little getaway. I packed up the car and we left early mooring around 5am on August 16th, I wanted to get to this waterfall super early to assure there were no other hikers. The drive was about two and a half hours, when we were about thirty minutes a away i asked her to put on a blind fold, and then a bandana on top of the blind fold, and put a pair of ear muffs on so she couldn’t hear the waterfall on the hike. We parked in the lot, I grabbed my backpack with the ring cam, ring, and a bag of sand. I guided her about a half mile through this trail. I had to lift her over a railing at the waterfall, I had thrown the sand down first because there were wet slippery rocks and a nasty fall would have made this a complete nightmare. I led her right up to the front of this waterfall, took out the ring cam, made sure it was on, and instructed her to take off the blindfolds and the ear muffs. The rest is history. That day was the happiest day of my life. We are now getting married on november 14th of this year.