Our Story

How We Met
We met when we were little going to the same school from kindergarten to high school graduation. I grew up being very interested in her from an early age. I asked her to be my girlfriend in both 6th and 8th grade and we “dated” for awhile both times. As we both grew up I continued to pursue Kara and as we started talking again our Junior year. Our first time hanging out one on one was Valentine’s Day of 2011. It was a school night and we studied for a history test the next day. As the year went on we got closer and I asked her to prom and to be my girlfriend. From there we were able to grow together and enjoy the rest of high school. After high school graduation she went to Georgia for college to play volleyball and I went to Chicago to play baseball. We made it through four years of long distance and both relocated to Atlanta to start our lives together.

How He Asked
We got engaged on July 16, 2016 on Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia. My fiancée and I just moved down to Georgia from Illinois and she had to go back home for two weeks of work. During this time I had contacted her friends Holly and Maggie from school to help me setup a proposal on the beach. I had convinced Kara that we should go on a mini vacation when she got back so we made our way to the Golden Isles for my proposal. She was excited to see her friends so I knew she wouldn’t expect anything. Friday approached and we were packing up the car to head down there from Atlanta. I really wanted her to pack a dress for the proposal and the post engagement photos. She responded reluctantly saying that she didn’t want to pack one be I convinced her nonchalantly. Still she had no suspicions. During the day we hung out at the beach to relax for the festivities of the night. As the afternoon came to an end, we headed to Maggie’s house to get ready for dinner and she came out with shorts and a casual shirt. Maggie and I were freaking out about how we could get her in a dress without any suspicion. Somehow I used my charm to convince to put on her dress. Originally she thought we would all eat together but I had arranged for a special dinner on the island. Her friends planned to back out last minute in order for it to be just us two. We went to a restaurant that overlooked the beach and the ocean where one of the waiters sang to us all while I had her friends setup Driftwood Beach with rose petals, candles, a wooden will you marry me sign, ribbons, and champagne. After dinner I had to stall so that her friends could finish setting up and convince her to come to Driftwood beach. Originally, they had heard there were baby sea turtles hatching and it was the perfect excuse to witness it with them. We decided that we should meet up with them and go and check out the “turtles.” I wasn’t quite sure where they had set up on the beach but I knew the general direction of where they would be plus they had shared their location on our phones. As we got out there we ended up going down the wrong path onto the beach and I had seen her friends hiding down the beach. However, Kara did not see them so I knew we had to go all the way back down the path to go down another in order to walk onto the rose petals and into the proposal setup. Kara was looking at their location on the maps and was very reluctant to go back down the path since we could have easily just walked down the beach to find them. She wasn’t wrong but luckily she trusted my navigation skills, which were technically wrong in this scenario. This allowed us to go down the correct path to the setup. Once we walked onto the correct path and started walking onto the rose petals Kara told me that I needed to get off the roses because I was messing someone’s roses up. After she tried to pull me off again I told her it was okay because the roses were for her and that’s when she knew I was going to propose. As we walked towards the setup I had a photographer there to catch every moment. We walked onto the setup and I told her how much I love her, have always cared about her, and how grateful I am to be in her life. After that it was time to ask her to marry me and she said “yes!” We then headed to a surprise post engagement celebration and were overwhelmed with so much love. It was the best night ever.

I love the ability to record the moment with an up close and personal view. Being able to download the entire proposal in seconds to relive the moment is incredible.