How it all began Joe and Lizzy met at Hope college as freshmen in 2007. They were friends through their time at Hope and participated in many of the same activities, including leading a mission trip to Mexico together. The summer after they graduated they grew closer together but then TRAGEDY STRUCK. Lizzy was swept to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and forced to complete her graduate studies in school psychology far away from Joe. After three short weeks Joe decided enough was enough and applied to places so that he could move near Lizzy. Soon they were together again and relocated to Lancaster Pennsylvania.
The Proposal Joe: I knew I was going to marry Lizzy before I even had plans for moving to Pennsylvania, but the proposal was really set in motion in May 2013 when I made plans to meet with Lizzy’s parents about my intentions to propose. They were more than supportive and immediately started helping me plan the proposal on the sly. After weeks of swapping ideas back and forth I had a ring design I was very excited about. Finch Jewelers in Lancaster helped me create it. After that… I had to wait. I sat on the ring for almost 2 weeks waiting for our trip back to Michigan for the 4th of July. Once we got there we traveled all over the state while I had the ring box stuffed in my suitcase. When the day finally arrived, the plan was executed flawlessly and I was able to propose on a dock over Lizzy’s lake with our friends and family hidden nearby. I found out afterwards she had figured out the whole scheme ahead of time. That’s what I get for picking such a smart one.

The Wedding Joe and Lizzie got married on July 26, 2014 and had a wonderful wedding. Check out this happy couple’s Proposal above.

“ We are so happy we have this video to remember our special day.”

Joe And Lizzy