Our Story

How We Met
We met at work! Sheree and I used to sit next to each other and I would always be checking her out next to me. I eventually asked her out and she said yes!

How He Asked
We had been dating for about a year after Sheree returned home from Argentina. There is a park where we have a lot of history where I wanted to propose to her. We often times will take pictures after church when we are all dressed up and matching so my idea was to take pictures at this park and propose while we were there. I wanted to have a professional photographer there but didn’t want to give anything away so I tricked Sheree into thinking it was her idea to get a really good photographer into taking our pictures. When we got to the park the photographer positioned us just right and I got down on a knee and asked her to marry me!

The Ring Cam was a great way to capture our amazing moment