How He Asked
My birthday was on Friday June 2nd. I had told her I wanted to spend time at some beaches for my birthday the next day. Little did she know, I had coordinated and planned to propose to her on our favorite beach. We spent the first half of the morning walking the strip of Venice Beach – to witness all the smelly hippies and see the craziness that she had never seen. After that we went to Corona del Mar where I had first asked her to be my girlfriend. We spent some time there and met up with my brother, his girlfriend and her daughter, my sister and her boyfriend. We were enjoying a day at the beach when I told her we should walk along the beach. My brother and his girlfriend scoped out a good spot to record us and take pictures. We walked towards that area along the beach and I looked into her eyes and told her, “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You know I like to ask questions…Well I have one big question I want to ask you,” that is when I took out the Ring Cam from my pocket, got on my knee and asked her “Wendy, will you marry me?” She was tearing up and nodding and she said “Yes!” We hugged and kissed and we were both overjoyed. Now we are planning a wedding and our life together. Thank you Ring Cam for capturing the moment!