How He Asked

I have a close friend (Katie) that is a photographer and lets say she had an “assignment for her class” that she had to do and the assignment was called girls night out. So the girls made that Saturday (October 22, 2016) a girls day. They went to get their nails done and pick outfits for the “photo shoot”. Meanwhile I was getting ready with my guy friends and having a blast while they were calming my nerves.

5:00 arrives and the girls start their “photoshoot for the assignment” to make it all believable. The other guys and I arrive at 5:30 to meet the girls and I am dressed nice because Haleigh and I were going to go on a fancy date afterwards (so she thought).

I ask Katie if Haleigh and I could take a photo together since we are both dressed up fancy and that is when the video starts.

Little did I know that she had a feeling that I was going to ask her right before I did, but thankfully that I had one of my friends keep it in his pocket until I signaled him before we took our picture.

After the proposal, (SHE SAID YES!!!) we “went on a date” to Cheesecake factory where we met our families and each of our best friends and had a family celebration together. Afterwards, I told Haleigh that needed to go to Katie’s house. Little did she know that all of our close friends were there to surprise her instead! We all watched the ring videos and Katie made a sideshow of our pictures together as a couple. We all danced and played games and had a great time together celebrating our next step in life. Needless to say it was wonderful!