He finally popped the question and you, of course, said yes! So now that your engagement finally happened, what do you do next?! Before you start doing any crazy planning, here are some things to make sure you do next:

Take care of your ring

Now that you have a ring, you need to make sure to take good care of it. If it doesn’t already fit your finger just right, make sure to get it re-sized ASAP. You’ll be so busy showing it off and taking pictures with it that you’ll want to make sure it fits perfectly.

Tell your family and close friends

You want to be sure to tell your family members and close friends yourself before making a larger announcement! Whether you tell them in person, over facetime, or on the phone, be sure to personally announce your engagement to your parents, siblings, grandparents, close friends and anyone else who would want to hear the good news straight from you! 

Make a more public announcement

Now that you’ve spent some time telling family and friends, you can finally share your engagement to a larger audience on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media! Pictures and videos are great to include on engagement posts! Any pictures of the ring, the proposal, or you and your fiancé are great!

If you have Ring Cam footage that captures your reaction to his proposal, this would be a perfect time to start sharing that special moment! You can upgrade your Ring Cam purchase to include a video-edit in under 72 hours–just in time for your big announcement! To find out more about Ring Cam video editing, follow this link: http://www.ringcam.com/rapid-edit/.

Plan a party

Getting engaged is so exciting–what better way to celebrate than to throw an engagement party? Invite your family and friends for a night full of excitement, laughter, and love! Be sure to have the ring and the proposal footage ready at the party because everyone will be dying to see!

 Think about the “big” wedding details

Wedding planning will involve a lot of decisions and planning. Instead of overwhelming yourself with every detail right now though, try to focus on the main decisions. These initial decisions could include the date of your wedding, who is in the wedding party, and the venue of both the ceremony and reception.

We hope that this blog post helps you with your first steps after you get engaged! While there is a lot to do and plan, make sure that you enjoy this exciting time! For more tips and tricks to help you plan your wedding, check out www.ringcam.com/beforethebells.

This post was written by Ring Cam blogger, Monika DeWitt