How He Asked

The Big Dipper has been very symbolic to our relationship from the very beginning, so I looked for a way to include it in my proposal. I found Big Dipper Ice Cream in Montana online, so I told Heather that we should take a camping trip to Montana! After a vacation to Mexico and the Cayman Islands, we started our trip to Montana with two friends. We got there, went exploring and “accidentally” found the ice cream parlor. I made a huge deal about it so we went in and ordered milkshakes.

I had bought 2 small glass bottles with roses in them prior to the trip and wrote a note saying, “Look behind you” and put it in her milkshake. She thought they put it in there and opened it. When she read it, she looked behind her as instructed just to find her friends standing there. They told her, “Well don’t look at us!!” She turned around and I was on my knee!