How He Asked

Stephanie and I got engaged at our favorite vineyard in Charlottesville, Virginia. So our sixth year dating anniversary was on August 10th, and we always do something fun for our anniversary so it was important to me that propose on this date. For this anniversary, we went on a wine tasting tour in Charlottsville. The day started by us going out for an amazing breakfast which I planned; she loved it. After that, we went to Veritas Vineyard where we did a wine tasting before I proposed. It’s normal when you visit a vineyard to buy a glass of wine and hangout and enjoy the mountain view since all the vineyards have beautiful mountain landscape.

The video shows me going to the bathroom to turn on the camera, and I say few words before I put it in my pocket. As we both go outside to find a spot to sit, she cleans off a chair and sits down right away. I am still standing, and I am like, “Hey! Come look at the view from here,” and she responds, “I can see it fine from right here, hahaha,” (at that point I was getting nervous). Anyways, she gets up and walks towards me, and at that point I got down on one knee and asked the most important question of my life and she says yes!! After that there is a video of her telling her mom the good news. She cannot stop staring at her ring; she loves it.

I liked that it was very easy to use and quality of the video was amazing! -Kelvin