How He Asked

I took her on a date to Old West Bury Gardens where there is an old mansion. This mansion was left by a wealthy man a long time ago. The mansion was turned into a museum and the backyard is practically a mile long garden. The story behind the mansion is that the man met a girl over seas and they were planning on having her move to the US. The one thing that she requested was a garden, so the man went ahead and dedicated the mile long back yard to her.

My fiancé knew that we were going there but thought it was just a regular date. The morning of, it was raining really bad, but I was not turning back. She questioned if maybe we should go on another date knowing that I hate rain but I insisted that we go. She said ok.

At the mansion we explored several rooms, and eventually went outside. We walked very close to each other so that we could both fit under the umbrella, we also walked through many puddles and mud, exploring the several gardens. Eventually we came to the spot where I planned on proposing which was in front of a pond with a fountain shooting water right in the middle.

My sister had laid down rose pedals all around the area where we were standing & she hid so that she could record it from the side. I handed Joanna a boutique of flowers & proceeded to tell her how she is the love of my life, that we’ve been together for many years & that I couldn’t think of a more perfect time to ask for her hand in marriage. She said Yes!!! We kissed & I put the ring on her finger!