Our Story

How We Met
We both met at College, she was a Freshmen and I was a Senior.

How He Asked
I had this whole proposal planned out ever since I visited her hometown. She took me to the roof of a parking garage in downtown, in which we were able to see the outskirts of the city. It was at that moment I knew I would propose to her at that exact spot. A year later, she spent the whole day getting pampered with her sisters and mother; she thought it was for her Mom for Mother’s Day. Later that evening we went to the movie theaters, dinner at a new restaurant, and then I convinced her to go to the parking ramp she took me two years ago. I got her whole family involved, so they were hiding in one of the staircases. When my fiancé and I arrived, we started taking pictures of each other and were hugging passionately because she was previously gone for 2weeks on a Missions Trip in Jamaica. I told her that I loved her more than she did, because we try to compete against each other. But I had a ring prepared! And my love isn’t only represented because of the ring, but by how she changed my life. Funny thing was, she got real confused when she saw the box. So on the video, she actually says “What is that!?” But we’re now engaged! And in the process of wedding planning! Thanks for reading!