Trevor and Kian's Proposal

The ring cam audio and video allowed us to capture our precious moment in a way that a photo just can’t do by itself Trevor

How they met Kian and I first met at Mount Royal University in 2009 when we took a math class together  for a year.  We got along well and spoke to each other every class but we never hung out outside of school. After the course finished, we lost touch when summer began. We had no form of communication since we didn’t have each other’s numbers. Later in the fall, one night I stopped in at Banana Republic where Kian happened to work. We recognized each other right away.  We talked for a little bit and in my head I was saying, “Ask her out! Ask her out!” But I chickened out and didn’t.  I remember mentally beating myself up on the ride home saying “You should’ve done it. Why didn’t you do it?  That was your chance.” We still didn’t have any form of communication after that day. I didn’t get to see or talk to her again until I stopped by at Banana Republic 2.5 years later. I didn’t ask her out again. About a month later, I was at home watching the Stanley Cup playoffs and the Chicago Blackhawks were playing.  Since Kian is from Chicago, out of the blue she popped into my head and thought about messaging her on Facebook.  So I tried searching for her but I was unable to pull up her profile. So then I Googled her, and I recognized her face right away when I saw it.  One of the photos that I clicked on was from her Facebook page so I was able to send her a friend request. We exchanged numbers, went out for dinner, stayed up all night, and the rest, as they say, is history.
How he asked Back in January I was doing some research on proposal planning agencies, came across Urban Vogue Weddings, and I sent them an inquiry. At the time, all I knew is that I wanted it to be private, romantic, and catch her by surprise.  After looking through a list of venues and photographers, I chose Azuridge Estate Hotel and for photographer Christy Swanberg to capture it.  For a long time, Kian and I have talked about our wedding and how we can’t wait to be married. After deciding on the location and photographer, my excitement was at an all-time high while my wedding fund on the other hand was not.  I wanted this proposal to happen sooner than later, and with my current saving plan I had in place, it just wasn’t going to happen soon enough.  I needed to find a way to speed up the process so in April, I decided to sell my sports bike and gear.  I told Kian that I dropped off my bike at a mechanic’s to do a summer tune-up on it.  I was able to extend that fib for the 4 months leading up to the proposal as I came up with lies as to why it was taking so long to complete. I incorporated the help of Kian’s sister KaeCie to help me come up with a way to get Kian to Azuridge without being suspicious.  KaeCie told Kian that her work was holding a fundraising gala at the hotel in August and asked her if she would be her guest. It was the perfect plan as it gave Kian the reason to dress up. As a part of my plan, the sisters had their nails done and bought new dresses for the “gala.” About a week before the proposal, I invited the whole family over to her parents’ house where I asked them all, but most importantly her parents, for their blessing. Months in advanced, I booked time off for the day of the proposal. Not wanting Kian to be suspicious, I woke up at 4 am, the same time I would as if I was going to work. I loaded the car with my all the clothes I would need for the proposal which included my suit, 2 dress shirts, a second pair of pants, and my shoes.  I also brought an iron, ironing board, and steamer to take to the hotel.  I headed to her parents’ house at 6 am where I ironed my clothes to kill time before heading to the hotel later in the day.  Since the videographer cancelled last minute, I only had the Ring Cam (ring box with hidden camera) to record it. I practiced it with Kian’s mom to estimate the correct distance and aim.
I arrived at the hotel at 3:30pm where I met up with Joyce to do a quick rundown. After changing into my suit, I went to the location where I plan on proposing and tested the song I would play when Kian arrives. I wasn’t really nervous until KaeCie texted, “We’re 10 minutes away.” My heart immediately started to beat like crazy. “This is really happening,” I thought.  I got into position behind the tree so Kian wouldn’t see me and turned the Ring Cam on. Once they arrived at the hotel, Joyce pretending to be a part of the hotel staff, met them at the front and assisted them towards the “gala.” At this point, I could already see Kian walking towards where I was. Photographer Christy was off to my right taking photos while looking out to give me the cue on when I should play the song.  As I could see her getting closer and closer, it seemed like my heart beat faster. Over the speaker, I played the song “It Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk. Kian specifically mentioned in the past that she would like to be proposed to with that song. My hope was that as soon as she heard the song, she’d clue in as to what was happening, and she did.  I walked out from behind the trees onto a large deck that overlooked a nice pond and into her line of sight. She cried even before I had the chance to ask her to marry me. After the proposal, we had some champagne in a picnic area that was nicely decorated with our old pictures. Later on, I brought Kian to our hotel room where I surprised her with a change of clothes to take engagement photos in. After the photo shoot,  I told her I made dinner reservations.  What she didn’t know is that for the past 6 months I had been putting together a surprise birthday/engagement dinner, since her birthday was just a few days away.  We had 30 of our close family and friends, in a private room, waiting to surprise her as she walked through the door.  It was a great way to end a truly incredible day!