How He Asked

Since camping was something that brought us very close as a couple, I figured I’d propose to her during a camping trip we had booked with my family. I had plan out talking to her Dad and asking for his daughters hand in marriage. This was a little stressful, and I was nervous. Once he said yes, it was time to head out. My family and I went up two days before Natalia arrived so I could pick out the perfect spot to propose, and try out the ring camera. I took my Dad out for a hike and fake proposed to him which was funny to say the least. After finding a spot and figuring out how to get the camera from a backpack to my pocket without my soon-to-be fiancee noticing, we headed back to our camp site. The next day I drove back to bring Natalia up to the campsite. We played some outside games, and I had my parents suggest we go for a hike. She wanted to go to the beach, and clean off her feet that were covered in sand. I knew the beach wouldn’t work so I suggested I would wash off her feet for her.

After that, we started on our hike. My Mom wanted lots of photos of the scenery so we took lots of photos, which worked into my plan. After a bit, I had her stand on a flat rock just above the water for a “photo.” I got down on one knee pulled out the ring camera, and asked her to marry me. Of course she was caught off guard and didn’t really believe this was happening to her. After putting a lovely ring on her finger, we took photos together, and began to paint on some rocks “I Asked”, and “I Said Yes.” Then we used side walk chalk to write “Future Mrs. McQueen”, and “She Said Yes!!” Then we went back to the campsite to see my family. My mom greeted Natalia as my “future daughter-in-law.” With lots of excitement, Natalia sat admiring her ring as we waited to video call her mom and dad. Her dad picked up the phone and took it to her mom who was ecstatic for her daughter and future son-in-law.

I liked the ability to capture a once in a lifetime memory and be able to look back and share that with our kids. -Kyle