How He Asked

We went up to Mackinac Island for Labor Day weekend. Normally I am really good at winging things last minute and not really making any plans so I had that cover going. In reality, everything was planned out. We stayed at the Inn at Stonecliffe a couple miles into the island. I had Ellen make dinner reservations for Sunday so she really had no idea I had plans made in advance. We ended up cancelling those plans because I suggested they wouldn’t work very well logistically, so we went with my “last minute” planning instead. We took an hour long private carriage ride throughout the island and got dropped back off at Stonecliffe.

During that ride one of the horses lost a horse shoe so I was able to keep it! We still had some time to kill so the hotel staff suggested that we go check out Sunset Rock since it happened to be around sunset. When we got there, it was just us and some random tourist taking pictures. At this point, I was super excited because everything had gone as planned. That was when I realized that I no longer had a plan. I got really nervous and shaky, got down on one knee, and then I don’t quite remember the rest. What I do know (after video replay) is that she said yes!

After that, we went to dinner at The Woods and our server, Michael, poured us some celebratory Champagne, and we had an amazing meal with incredible service. After dinner, we went back up to the room on the third floor, and there were some chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne waiting on ice. The only thing missing was an elevator ride.
I was so nervous when I got down on one knee that the Ring Cam was able to give me video evidence that she did in fact say yes! -Kyle