[The Ring Cam was] Very cool! Easy to use!


How They Met

Kyle fixed Megs car a couple times and always flirted a little each time Megann came in.

How He Asked

We spent the entire day at Hollywood Studios in Disneyworld. We went on a bunch of rides and ran around all day. Then went back to the house and swam, took a nap and got ready for our valentine’s date! We both looked extra nice and we were running late so we had to sprint into Epcot for our dinner reservations. We ate in Japan at the world showcase, and Meghann had some tequila… then we went walking to find dessert and I got down on one knee and meg got all excited so I said “hey! Calm down! I’m just tying my shoe!” Thus making meg think I wasn’t proposing to her. Then we went to the big ball and got a picture there.. and I thought about asking her there but didn’t. Then we walked the rest of the way around to the back entrance/exit between England and France. We stayed on the bridge there to wait for fireworks to start. While we waited, we exchanged valentine’s day gifts. Then I pulled out my phone and played our song, die a happy man by Thomas Rhett and we danced on the bridge. A nice British lady even told us that we were the cutest couple she’s ever seen and that we should stay together forever. The fireworks started to go off and I pushed Meg into the crowd and spun her around. That’s when I got down on one knee and before I could ask her she said yes yes yes yes!! Then we spent some time together and went back to the house to tell the family!