How it all began

Think of a real like Chandler and Monica, and this is Leo and Megan. They met their very first weekend at Hope thanks to being in the same orientation group (no pressure future freshmen). They became friends and ran in the same small group of friends throughout their years at Hope. They also both worked on the Hope Chapel Tech team. Beginning their junior year, they both got out of relationships. Leo wasn’t doing too well, and Megan was there for him, thus solidifying their friendship. They fell for each other, and that spring, they cautiously entered a relationship and changed the dynamics of their friend group for the better.

The Proposal

after two years of dating: They own a small company for aerial videography company where they use drones to take the pictures. Leo thought it would be a great idea to propose at Sleeping Bear Dunes, using the guise of getting aerial shots before it became banned to do so in national parks. He then spent the next few weeks telling Megan what a great idea he had. When the big day came, they walked on some trails to get away from the people. Megan started flying out the drone before passing it to Leo. He only maneuvered it so it was facing them. Megan had no idea what was going on until Leo turned to her and smirked. She then knew what was happening right away.  Seconds later and they were engaged!
Leo and Megan had a small wedding with immediate family on November 8th, 2014. Feel free to check out the video of their engagement at the top.