Heyo everyone! My name is Maggie, I am one of many Ring Cam friends and supporters. Kerry asked me to write a post for you guys, and seeing as I am not not have ever been married, I figured I’d write about something I do know about… Making your special day your own.

A wedding is your day. Your friends and family, everyone you love most, together to celebrate with you and your partner. It’s basically the greatest party you’ll ever throw, the one day where everything will be about you two. It’s the perfect day to do things your way!

There’s a lot of tradition associated with weddings, and there can be a lot of pressure from friends and family to do things certain ways. The whole something borrowed and blue, church wedding with the veil and the cake and the tear-jerker first dance. And if that’s what you want, then do it. Be unabashedly traditional if that’s your style! But if it’s not, then be you.

Maybe you’re a rock climbing, trail mix eating, outdoor extremist. Then get married in the middle of the woods, or overlooking a lake, with flowers in your hair. And you can repel into your reception. Or maybe you’re all about the glamour. Try a pink ball gown dress or a masquerade ceremony or a Louis Vuitton themed wedding cake. If you’re more of a literary type, you can sort your guests into Hogwarts houses or base your vows off Darcy’s confession of love or have a mad tea party reception.

There is definitely the possibility of being too cheesy, too themed, too over the top. In the end the day is about you and the beginning of your lives together and you don’t want to distract from that. I’m just saying that a little creativity can go a long way in making your day your own. Don’t feel ashamed of the things that make you and your partner special… Maybe he proposed at a carnival. Why not use that somehow? You could have cupcakes that look like the big top. Maybe you have a favorite saying. Put it in your vows. Maybe you really don’t want a church wedding or a traditional dress or you don’t like cake or veils. You are not tied to tradition. Do what makes you both happy!

Talking with friends who get you or a wedding planner who’s willing to listen and think outside the box are good places to start. Decide what your priorities are, where you want to spend effort and money planning, where you’re uncomfortable with the ‘expected’, and what is best for you and your partner. Go from there! This is your special day. Don’t be afraid to make it as unique as you are. People may talk, your mom may complain, but at the end of the day this is your wedding. What do you want it to be? Gather ideas, talk with your fiancée, decide what makes you happy. And go for it.

Good luck, wedding planners! May your day be everything you hope it will be!   Thinking about proposing soon? Check us out! We are Ring Cam the only engagement ring box with a camera in it that records proposals! Capture the special moment and relive it with your love forever. Check out our Shop, Testimonials, videos, or follow our social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you have any questions or thinking about working with us? visit our contact page. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you make your special day last forever.

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