Our Story

How We Met
Meeting for the first time was at our Sophomore High School Homecoming dance. Then years later we were reunited at our friend’s party, we reminisced and instantly connected again. From there we started seeing each other everyday and then around 2 weeks after that party we began our relationship.

How He Asked
In our early stages of dating in 2015 we wanted to go see the Baltimore Aquarium but instead we went to the National Zoo in DC. For our anniversary I decided this would the perfect time to take Lindsay to the Baltimore Aquarium. Arriving in Maryland we realized I forgot my phone charger. My phone was almost out of battery as that was how we navigated there. The first moments on our happy day were spent frantically looking for a convenience store to buy a phone charger. After we had calmed down from that we made our way to the Aquarium. Seeing they had a feeding at the first exhibit our excitement went through the roof. We posted up in the perfect spot to view this feeding however 40 minutes later, Lindsay and I were laughing at the entire situation, the feeding turned into a giant talk about “How similar coral reefs are to cities…”. Passing each exhibit we continued making jokes to each other, giving different fish voices and a story behind them. While the entire time I was looking for the perfect position with the right lighting so everything would be captured on the Ring Cam. Then we ended up being early for one of the Dolphin shows so we waited outside the area when one of the staff members at the Aquarium asked us if we wanted to pose for some pictures with props. My mind racing I knew this was the moment. We did a couple of silly poses, one where we steered a ship, another being inside a Sharks mouth while we did the “Home Alone Face”. I pulled the photographer to the side to ask him about the proposal. While Lindsay had a confused look on her, the photographer said “Okay for this next pose I want you to pretend like you’re dunking him underwater.” I proceeded to get down on one knee and pulled the box out of my pocket. “Lindsay, will you continue to bring me happiness for the rest of my life by marrying me?” While I could only focus on uttering those words out everything grew silent and all I could see Lindsay smiling, crying and saying yes. Moving over to view our pictures, we overheard numerous people congratulating us. That wonderful moment was captured, and we will forever have this photograph to remember what an amazing day May 12, 2016 was.

Its discrete and fairly high quality