Our Story

How We Met
Believe it or not, Tinder! It was a last attempt at online dating before both of us were pretty much about to give up! The cool part is that we are both from New York and New Jersey, currently living in Las Vegas but ironically we were both in San Diego when I asked Melanie out on our first date. In fact, all of our several first dates were in California before we ever even saw each other back home in Las Vegas.

How He Asked
On June 11th, 2016 I asked Melanie to marry me in the same place where we first met…beautiful San Diego! The night started out by having a drink at Edgewater Grill in Seaport Village where we had our very first date, then we drove across the Coronado bridge to Coronado Ferry Landing where it is one of the only views of both the water and the San Diego skyline at the same time. As we got out of the car, I had Melanie close her eyes as I had the ring cam on, and to her surprise, I was recording the engagement the entire time. Then we got as close as possible to the water, and while the sun was about to set, I got down on one knee on this rock in the center of Coronado Ferry Landing and said, “Melanie McCaslin, the great love of my life… Will you marry me?” She looked at the ring in a little bit of shock (probably because I slipped on the rock and almost busted my nose). After I didn’t hear a response for a few seconds, I asked “Is that a yes?” and she replied, “Yes, of course.” June 11th, 2016 really was one of the best night of our entire lives!

Beautiful way to capture the memory.