Our Story

How We Met
Every year our churches does a youth camping retreat during the summer. Last year, my future fiance, Yanet, showed up as a guest from one of the other churches. My family really has zero shame when it comes to embarrassing me in front of my friends or especially in front of woman. Throughout the camping weekend, they kept on trying to play cupid with her and me; They kept putting us in groups together and even taking pictures of us. After the camping trip was over, I sent her a friend request, and apologized for my families behavior. However, she loved my family and had a blast camping with us and our churches. The rest is history. Not a day has gone by where we do not talk. My family still loves to rub it in that they were the matchmakers. Looking back at the photos, it’s amazing how clueless we were and how I had no idea that the woman I’d spend the rest of my life with was right next to me.

How He Asked
Fast forward a year from where we met at the cabin. From the moment I knew I wanted to marry her, I knew where exactly I would propose. On Sunday morning July 24, 2016, I went MIA for the morning. With some cousins, I went to buy her favorite pink flowers and some pink balloons (pink is her favorite color). Then we had a brother with a boat come pick us up at a public boat loading area. While we were taking care of business, I had other family and church friends keep her busy and distracted until I gave the signal that we arrived on the dock. I anxiously awaited. Honestly by this point, it wasn’t really a surprise. The multitude of people who were following her and the secretive actions of everyone made her realize that I was up to something. When she finally made it down the hill to the dock, there I was standing at the end, rose petals on the floor, a bouquet of roses in my hands, and balloons floating in the wind. She, and family and church friends. Upon reaching me, I hugged her, gave her a speech on how much I loved her and how special that place was to me. Then I got down on one knee and proposed.

Really discreet and easy to use. Great to have an extra POV angle when showing everyone your special moment.