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So hey people, Doyle here for a second post. I can hear you all now, like “What? Really? He already taught us to make a video. What could he possibly want to blabber about now?” Today we talk about photographers and the fact that they want money. More importantly though we talk about how you very well should give them some; but how much? Well the answer to that obviously is going to depend on what you want and who you’re working with, but it is important that you know the differences with photographers so you are not blindsided by the costs. But first let me preface that, as always, what I write is just my opinion. I do videography and sometimes even do some photography work. Am I biased? Yes, but are my words law? No, just opinions. At the end of the day go with who you feel like, with whatever equipment they like to use and for how much seems fair to all parties involved.   Whats the big deal? I know, right? Why does every wedding have thousands of perfect pictures on Pinterest? (not that I have ever been on Pinterest. I’m not addicted, I can stop anytime) How is there so much coverage of weddings now a days? Technology brother! it has never been easier to be a photographer than right now. Professional style equipment is cheaper than ever and has created a whole prosumer market. Go to a beach or park and I can bet you are only a stones throw away from someone with a 60D, T3i, or whatever Nikon makes (if you are into over complicated menu systems… JK. I have nothing against Nikons)Point is with so many options now, who do you hire and what do you pay them?   How much? Ok so to be straight,I don’t think you can just give out a number and have that work for everyone’s needs. But I know there are some people who just want that, so I’ll get that out of the way right now. The rest of the article will concentrate more about what to consider when hiring a photographer. It will help you know what to look for in a photographer. So for all you quick answer people out there here are my thoughts, most professionals charge from $1,000 upwards. After that you will pay varying amount for digital files, prints and albums all depending on the photographer’s offered packages and options. For a detailed layout of what people pay for wedding photography and actually a whole bunch of other services read this great breakdown of wedding costs.   Professional difference

So you have a friend who does photography? Well thats great! They won’t charge you as much as other photographers? Well that is also great! I am not going to tell you not to hire them, just be careful with this road. The first thing to consider when you are going this route is Do you like some of their other photography? Yes? Okay well have they done weddings before? This is important. Wedding photography is a form of event photography and event photography is different than portrait sessions. Most of the pictures from a wedding are not staged shots. Instead they are fleeting moments that practiced photographers have taken the time to get good at capturing.  For this reason if your friend hasn’t done many weddings or other event photography sessions you may want to consider your other options before hiring them. The other big differences between professionals and maybe a friend are the level of equipment and post processing software they have. I will cover that more in the next section though. If you do still end up choosing your friends because they are truly talented well practiced photographers and will do it at a discounted rate, then remember that they are doing you a “solid” and be sure to pay them a bit more than they will say they will do it for.

  On the left is before post processing and on the right is after post... ok the bottom one is fake... but it is funny.. :)
On the left is before post processing and on the right is after post… ok the bottom one is fake… but it is funny… lol
Equipment and Post Production Professionals charge quite a bit of money because A, they have to feed themselves and sometimes their family. As well as B, because equipment is like crazy expensive. Let’s take the D800 for instance. This is a great professional camera (see guys I can say nice things about Nikons too.) and it has a starting price of a little under 3 Grand USD, and that is only for the paperweight (The body only, meaning no lens, meaning it can’t do anything once you buy it because you have no battery, no card, and no lens. So it is as useful as a paperweight… You get it?) Better cameras and better lenses, which you don’t want to know the prices of, mean that you get cleaner shaper photos that can handle better post processing. Software for photography is also on the inherited fortune price range. Along with the staples such as Photoshop and Lightroom there are hundreds of plug ins and specialty softwares that can really pull out the potential in a picture. Above I have a couple photos before and after processing so you can see the importance. It is as my great uncle always said, “A master painter can make an incredible finger painting, but wouldn’t you prefer an acrylic?” I didn’t know what it meant but it sounds wise. So thats why you want a photographer with the right tools and also why you will want to be sure you pay your photographer to do post processing.   Professional prints This is my last point and I will make it briefish. After all the photos are done and edited there will be a choice. Do you print the photos on your own or do you buy prints from your photographer. Well the choice is definitely up to you, but I just want to inform you that there is indeed a difference. Consumer printers don’t tend to be as accurate and can even be less careful with shipping. You can get crumpled, smeared, or even photos  with inaccurate colors. The difference with a professional printing service is that they spend a lot of time making sure that they get the pictures to the clients safely and with accurate results. Generally photographers will have a printer they trust and like the results of. So going with their printer can be worth the price of going through your photographer.  Whether you want to print them yourself or go through your photographer, be sure you will be getting a good print, because if your prints aren’t good then why did you hire an experienced photographer in the first place? Here is a great article where two professional photographers compared 11 of the most popular print labs   So that’s all I really have to say about hiring a wedding photographer at the moment. Maybe we will revisit the topic another time about more specific aspects, but I really just wanted to lay down some ground level knowledge on ya. As I said last time, contact me if you have questions. The email to contact us at has changed though. Now for blog related question you can email me directly. So if you want to be all like, “I don’t like that you made fun of Nikon’s archaic menu setups and I don’t think that calling the D800 a cool camera makes up for it. You need to apologize Sir Doyle of the nation of Ring Cam.”  Well now you can send it to me directly at [email protected].   Thinking about proposing soon? Check us out! We are Ring Cam the only engagement ring box with a camera in it that records proposals! Capture the special moment and relive it with your love forever. Check out our Shop, Testimonials, videos, or follow our social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you have any questions or thinking about working with us? visit our contact page. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you make your special day last forever.

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