Our Story

How We Met
We met in college at UNC Charlotte Samantha’s freshman year and my sophomore year. We were friends for a while as we worked together and shared a mutual group of friends! We started hanging out a lot one-on-one and and the rest is history! Now 6 years later we have moved from Charlotte, NC to Boston, MA and are ready to start the next chapter of our lives together as each other’s fiancé’s!

How He Asked
We recently celebrated our 6 year anniversary so I wanted to take Samantha to a place that spoke volumes to her personality and has the natural beauty I know she truly appreciates. I took her to Santarella, Tyringham’s Gingerbread House, where we stayed in one of their Silo’s. She had mentioned to me a while back that she had never seen a Lily Pond in person and how beautiful she thought they were. Santarella had the most beautiful lily pond in the back and after breakfast we went to explore the gardens. I took her by the pond, got down on one knee, and asked the love of my life to spend forever with me, and she said yes!

It was discrete and the perfect way to capture such an intimate moment with a camera man in the bushes