How He Asked

We got engaged at the Eternal Flame Falls in Orchard Park, NY. Tay and I had talked about going hiking together while we had been dating. This whole plan started what is now a year before I ended up proposing. I had to try to get details about her preferences in jewelry and that took time without tipping Tay off. I was keeping a list of proposal ideas going and eventually I started thinning the list down after a couple months. This was all back in April to May or so. Beginning in July, I had started actually stopping in to jewelry stores and studying online to make sure I got the perfect ring. I must have looked at a few hundred rings over the next few months. All the while, I had been speaking with a local jeweler named Barbara Oliver who I had been pestering with questions about everything you could ask when it came to diamonds and settings. With respect to Barbara’s time, I really only wanted to go see her once I really knew I was ready to buy a ring. It was that time, I asked Tay lor’s parents and older sister, Heather, to meet me for dinner in December and to please not tell Tay. (She was at a night grad class if I remember correctly). So eventually I got the words out that I wanted to ask for their blessings to ask Tay to marry me.. Immediately felt incredible relief when they are said yes and were excited. That meant it was time to finally nail down that perfect ring and buy it. After getting the ring in December, I was back to scheming. I wanted to totally surprise Tay with the proposal so over the next 4 months, I did everything I could to make it seem as casual and normal as possible for the upcoming hike. I told Tay it was a surprise where we were going hiking, so in normal fashion for me, I teased Her every day as we got closer to actually leaving on this hike. Finally, its the day off, She thinks we are going off to some park in PA. Told her last minute I found a little local hike to do along the way that had a good view, if we didn’t like it, we’d be right back on the road in 15 minutes. My heart rate feels pretty high as I’m driving us to the Eternal Flame Falls directly, while trying to make it seem as spontaneous as I can and that hey lets just park and check it out. We get there and begin hiking down, the whole time I’m telling Tay we should just go back to the car and get moving to the place we were supposed to hike. Luckily, we carry on, based off the signs we are seeing to lead us to the Eternal Flame Falls. Not really knowing what it is. I did… I was there the week before checking it out to make sure we could get there the day off because it had snowed a ton on March 19th. So I was there March 25th, in thirty degree weather will its freezing rain and windy.. I made completed the hike, I was drenched after it but I knew if I could do it then Tay and I should have no problem in a weeks time. Just enough for the water levels to drop a few inches. I was most worried about poor Sam, the photographer I hired to take pictur es of the proposal in secret and then reveal her to Tay after she hopefully said yes. It was not going to be easy for Sam with all her camera gear but She pulled it off perfectly. So Tay and I make it to the falls, just one problem, and normal for my level of bad luck.. The eternal flame is out.. which is not supposed to happen and kind of is a buzz kill for this whole eternal love and burning passion scenic feel I was going for.. Well I was prepared enough to bring a lighter but after about ten minutes of sitting under the water fall drenched trying to lite the methane gas leak that allows the Eternal Flame Falls to get its name, I had to improvise. Awkwardly enough, I made my way down to the rock I had picked out to propose on (very little flat space there). Tay assumed we were leaving and then she saw the ring box and said something that I will never forget out of pure shock and confusion… “What’re you doing?!” I chuckle to myself when I think about it. I think I alwa ys will. “Will you marry me?… Yes” … Happens in an instant.. very happy I had the ring cam to video record it and have Sam taking pictures. The goal was to document as much of the moment as possible, luckily Tay said yes, otherwise it wouldn’t have been the best moment to have evidence of lol. I’ve been smiling ever since then. Very excited for our future together.