“I wanted the proposal to be on done with just the two of us.

Having the Ring Cam allowed everyone to see her reaction as if they were standing right there!”


How He Asked Amanda & I went down the shore in New Jersey to spend the weekend at her family’s beach house.  We both have a long history there since we both grew up on the beaches of the Jersey Shore.  I had a house for majority of my childhood in Monterey Beach and Amanda’s family owns a house in Seaside Park.  I always told Amanda since we started dating that we needed to go down in the winter because it is completely different than the summer.  It is more relaxing and not overrun by tourists.  I knew that I had always wanted to propose to her on the beach the moment I knew we both had a history there.  It was a 70 degree day in December and absolutely gorgeous out.  I completely surprised her and I am so happy I had the Ring Cam & my close family friend, Barbara A. Mueller, who is a professional photographer there to capture the moment.  It was absolutely perfect!!!
How They Met Amanda & I met while working at North Jersey Media Group in Woodland Park, NJ.  Amanda is a marketing coordinator and I was working as an account executive in the advertising department.  The ironic thing is that my parents met at North Jersey Media Group as well.  After working there for two years I finally got up the courage to ask her out on a date and from that moment on we knew we were destined to be together.