How He Asked

I pretended to cook dinner and told her I had a pile of food under a bowl to keep it warm. When she went to check out what I made, surprise! Worked like a charm.

Devan thought this was just another ordinary Tuesday, but Nick had other plans. Nick got home really late Monday night after being out at the Yankees game. Devan left for work extra early on Tuesday, as well. Since it was the 17th, Devan sent Nick a text when she got to work wishing him a “happy 56 month anniversary.” Devan had a busy day at work, giving her first Toastmasters speech, moving offices for her new job, and going on a scavenger hunt. Devan thought Nick was busy at work, too. He told her he would leave work around 4pm, but by 4:45pm, Devan did not hear from him. She sent him a text asking if he was stuck at work, to which he replied: “Sorry hit the road already forgot to text…be home around 5. Got a good idea for a 56 month dinner I’m going to try to cook lol.” She found this interesting since he never cooks dinner, but didn’t think too much of it. She got off the Path and saw a text from Nick saying “Hit me up when you’re off.” She let him know she was walking home and he mentioned that the food was almost ready and that she will like his “masterpiece.” Meanwhile, Devan sends a tweet stating “When Nick tells me he’s cooking me dinner…#whatdoeshewant” Come to find out, he wanted to ask her the biggest question of both of their lives!

Devan comes in the apartment and notices that Nick had a haircut, he was freshly shaven AND the Yankee game was NOT on TV. She wondered how he accomplished all this and cooked dinner in 40 minutes since he got home at 5pm. She later found out that he took a half day. But, everything happened so quick, she didn’t have time to register it all. There was food all over the kitchen, with a few plates and pots covered with bowls. Nick asked Devan to try his homemade tomato sauce under a red bowl. She lifted the bowl and the beautiful sparkling ring was sitting on the plate. Her first response was “Oh my God. Seriously?!” and she immediately started to cry. Nick got down on one knee and asked Devan to marry him. Her response was a tearful YES! This has all been captured on video thanks to the ring box camera!

We made some important phone calls to family and friends while our champagne from Brotherhood Winery was chilling in the fridge. Nick finished cooking dinner which consisted of fried calamari, tomato sauce, and chicken wrapped with prosciutto and provolone, all made from scratch! What a delicious dinner and the end to an amazing night. To top it all off, the Yankees won that night! Unfortunately they were not as luck as Devan in getting a ring this year.