Our Story

How We Met
I was hanging out with my close friend one day when he mentioned we were going to meet up with his girlfriend at the time and her “Venezuelan” friend. The first night we met, we talked and laughed together as a group; we had a great time. After a couple more quick get-togethers, she finally asked, “When are you going to take me on a real date?”. I immediately asked her out to dinner on a Wednesday evening. Her parents gave me 2.5 hours to work with before I had to have her home. We went to dinner and grabbed some coffee afterwards. Throughout the evening, our conversations were effortless. It felt as though we have known each other for years. It was the best first date I’ve ever had.

How He Asked
The day started with Andrea thinking I had a work event at the Indianapolis Zoo/White River Gardens. We both got dressed and arrived at the location. I presented Andrea with a white box, and an envelope. Within the envelope there were two admissions tickets, which I told her were purchased by my company, and an instructions sheet from our Human Resources team that described our first activity to complete as part of the work event (I purchased the tickets and created the instructions sheet). The instructions told us to enter the White River Gardens first and walk to a specific location on the map. At the location, it instructed us to open the white box and use the item. Once we reached the location, I opened the box and handed her a white View-Master. The instructions said that the View-Master would give a glimpse into my company’s culture. Andrea then began looking through the photo reel, expecting some boring business related images. Instead, the photo reel had images of our favorite moments, along with captions I wrote for her on each image. After she finished viewing the reel, she pulled the View-Master away in shock, and I was standing in front of her with the ring in hand to pop the question. As she was shock and awed, I had a photographer capturing every moment. After she finally said yes, our siblings came out of hiding to surprise her again. After the proposal, I took her to a restaurant to surprise her again. Both of our families were waiting at the table. We enjoyed a great meal with all of our loved ones and celebrated our engagement.

The Ring Cam was so easy to use with great video quality. It captured our special moment perfectly.