Our Story

How We Met
Brittany and I met in high school through wrestling. She was a wrestling manager, and I was a wrestler. We became great friends, and later began dating in high school. Nearly 4 years later, we are engaged!

How He Asked
So we live in Statesboro, GA together, and I decided to take her to Charleston for the 4th of July to surprise her with an engagement. We had talked about it before, but I just was not quite ready financially with school and everything. Anyways, we absolutely love kayaking so I decided to find us a place to kayak at before we made it to Charleston on the Ashley River. She was extremely unsuspecting. We went up the river into this side stream that got much more narrow because of low tide. Once we got there, I proceeded to stand up and “stretch my legs.” Brittany kept trying to rock the kayak making things difficult. I then got down on my knee and told her to turn around (she was scared because she thought I saw a snake or something). When she turned around and saw me, she was crying tears of joy and happiness. I asked her to marry me, and she said, “Of course!” It could not have went much better.

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