One of your friends tells you she’s pregnant… yay! This is very exciting news, but she also happens to be one of your bridesmaids/maid of honor. Yikes! Don’t panic, you have options!

             Kicking your pregnant bridesmaid out after she announces the big news will automatically put you at bridezilla status, but it is definitely something worth having a conversation about. There is a big difference between a cute-bump pregnancy and about-to-pop-walking-down-the-aisle pregnancy. Depending on how far along in her pregnancy she will be, she may not be up for the task anymore. The wedding day is filled with pre-wedding festivities as well as 10+ hours on your feet. She may not know how to explain these feelings to you without making you feel like she doesn’t want to be a bridesmaid.

            As the bride, you should open-up the conversation. Make sure to clearly lay out the expectations you have for your bridesmaids to help her figure out if she will still be up for it or not. Talk about how far she will be in her pregnancy and politely give her to option to step down if she would like. She could always be recognized as an “honorary bridesmaid” in the program.

            If she still wants to be in the wedding and already has bought a dress see if the seamstress can do any alterations to make it fit better or see if she can sell it and buy one that will fit better. If she still wants to support you and be a part of the wedding party, you should support her! This is a very exciting time in both of your lives, yes, wedding planning is stressful but make her to acknowledge what she is experiencing too. She doesn’t have any control over when her baby decides it’s ready, so keep the big picture in perspective, be happy for your friend and enjoy your wedding day!

 This post was written by Ring Cam blogger, Bailey Berberich