If you and your bride to be love exploring and soaring to new heights but aren’t quite up to sky diving these proposal places are just for you! Whether climbing a bridge, hiking a mountain or exploring a historic castle in a foreign country your sure to find a destination almost as beautiful as she is… almost. Bridges – Proposing on a bridge can be both scenic and adventurous. Whether you are strolling across hand in hand or climbing the top for a tour. The following bridges can be a great adventure or romantic atmosphere for a proposal (just make sure you don’t drop that ring 😉 ) Brooklyn Bridge One of the oldest of it’s kind, this beautiful suspension bridge is an architectural staple of New York.  One of the many great features of this bridge is that it has its own walkway above and away from the cars so you can look out and enjoy the the sights of Brooklyn or Manhattan on your 1.3 mile stroll. Some of the things you can see from the Brooklyn Bridge include: The statue of Liberty, Manhattan skyline, Brooklyn Skyline, and the east river. 174417135_9e14933421_z Photo By: See-ming Lee Golden Gate As one of the 7 wonders of the modern world The Golden Gate Bridge is situated in the beauty of San Francisco bay and the Pacific Ocean. This bridge has a breath taking view of the mountains and ocean as you stroll or bike across. Plus there are so many wonderful things to see and do in San Fransisco to add to your trip and adventure! Check out a few bridge tours here. 4879168095_9323cb9bfc_z Photo By:  KatVitulano Photos Tower Bridge    If you thought the Tower Bridge was just your average bridge think again!  The Tower Bridge is filled with more than you could ever imagine: A glass floor above the bridge to watch as cars and buses go by or as the bridge opens and closes, Art, Concerts, modern walkways, historic engine rooms, And even three private venues for private, cooperate events, or weddings. Can you imagine popping the question on top of the bridge over looking London with your closest family and friends waiting in a beautifully decorated venue to celebrate? This may be the place for you.Check it out 20772048589_b063b146fa_z Photo By: Davide D’Amico Sydney Harbor Bridge As the worlds tallest arch bridge the Sydney Harbor Bridge has much adventure to offer. One of the most exciting things the bridge has to offer is the Sydney Bridge Climb. During this climb you are given a training class, a climb leader, and a chance to climb to the summit for a unique photo opportunity. At the base there is also a shop and cinema full of historic information on the bridge. 5082897059_2068b4865b_z Photo By: andrea castelli   Helix Bridge Singapore The Helix Bridge, formally known as the double Helix Bridge is purely for pedestrians. A unique feature of this bridge is that it is covered with beautiful lights to set the mood. Helix Bridge @ night Photo By: Jeffery Wong   Castles/ palaces- Not only are castles beautiful and elegant but they are also perfect for exploring! If you and your partner love walking around and exploring enchanting and magical new places this could be for you. Blarney Castle Located in beautiful Cork, Ireland, Blarney Castle is full of charm and magic. One of the main attractions is kissing the Blarney stone which is said to give the gift of gab ( which could help you find the perfect words to say for your proposal). More than just a castle, Blarney is also filled with magnificent gardens to explore and enjoy. Plan your visit now! 14835549167_1e80598d6c_z 3292256967_e403958b1a_z 58255995_6d239e5632_o Photos By: Brian Faganamanderson2Tony   Cinderella Castle  Filled with awe and wonder this castle is sure to make your moment magical. This castle is lit up almost every night with fire works and spectacular light shows such as wishes. Pro tip: Grab some dole whip ( delicious pineapple ice cream) for a sweet treat as you enjoy OR if you want to have a more private location with this castle as your back drop head to the top of the California Grill on top of Disney’s Contemporary Resort where you can have a spectacular view filled with fire works on their roof top porch. 9684801727_bfe2a9ce09_z 15610137690_b2533b5140_z Photo’s By: Ricky BriganteChristian Benseler   Windsor Castle In the English county of Berkshire this Victorian style castle is truly a sight to see. Windsor castle has had over 900 years of royal history and is home to the Queen of England. Make her feel like a royal and come take a tour! 154386372_ec94504573_z Photo By: Jean-Marc Astesana Kensington Palace Set in the beautiful Kensington Gardens, Kensington Palace is also an English royal residence. Whether your taking a tour of the palace, strolling through the gardens or sitting down for an extravagant tea this Palace is full of beauty and romance. 8730601172_a40ab4d4c6_z 4635378105_b094237c75_z Photos By: Andrew and AnnemarieYvon Royal Palace Amsterdam  Come visit the beauty and history that makes the Amsterdam palace exciting. This palace is open for many tours and even hosts extravagant royal events. Here you can make her feel like a princess! 15747139915_6b6f72caee_z Photo By: Nigel’s Europe & beyond Chateau du Versailles  This Gorgeous estate is full of many places to explore; the Queens Hamlet, the Gardens, the hall of mirrors and estates of Marie-Antoinette and Marley. You will have an endless amount of places to explore! Come plan your adventure. 1157510788_2cf9e03076_z Photo By: Panoramas Heidelberg palace This German Palace is home to some of the greatest ruins of the renaissance time. Full of history, gardens, and much more there is a lot to explore. One of the main attractions of this palace is the Barrel Building where wine was once made. This room can also be rented out for special celebrations! 10978696095_95767f5ef1_z Photo By: Heribert Pohl Nottingham Castle Back in the middle ages this castle was a royal fortress and was even where the legends of Robin hood took place. Nottingham castle is also home to many caves for a unique exploration as well as art to spark your creative side. 16913935933_3d04d695af_z (1) Photo By: arrannffc   High up places- Let your love soar to new heights as you plan a proposal with the perfect back drop and breath taking views. sears tower While this Chicago tower is now actually called the Willis tower,  Chicagoans like myself refuse to call it anything other than the sears tower. Despite the name discrepancy, this tower has a pretty sweet skydeck where you can literally stand in a glass room with nothing below your feet! Take the leap and get out on the edge. Bonus: the 99th floor is a venue that holds private events. 3889137726_849f8aa0e3_z  4800110917_51a448aed3_z Photo By: Bari Dvincent desjardins Killington Mountain  Located in Rutland County Vermont, Killington is one of the greatest mountains for skiing, hiking, and dirt biking. Filled with gorgeous views, fields of flowers, and forests with streams, there is an endless supply of picture perfect places. Plus on top of killington there is a newly renovated restaurant/ bar ( the Peak Lodge) with a breath taking view. Bonus: the towns around killington are very quaint and charming. You will find many great private getaways. if your looking for a more wild side killington also offers adventures activities such as: ropes course, zip lines, mountain coasters, mazes and more. iyg  rtd   Pikes peak While Pikes Peak is one of the highest summits of the rocky mountains it is more than just your average hiking experience. From the cog railway that drives you up the mountain, to cave tours and waterfalls, this mountain has it all. There are even many great things to explore in town such as the zoo, white water rafting, and the garden of the gods. Check it out! Bonus: the Broadmoor Hotel is filled with many luxurious delights. 15032270305_6a99babdfe_z8700240956_c0c46a7d6d_z 8523104711_2d8d19f48c_z Photos By: nigelmenziesKent Kanouse, Empire state Building Designed with architectural beauty and lit up with magnificent color the Empire state building will help you “feel the heart of NYC” as you pour your heart out to the love of your life. Open from 8AM till 2 AM, this building has much to explore. Some of the many activities include the dare to dream exhibit, an Observatory deck with both inside and outside viewing areas ( seen in romance movies such as sleepless in Seattle), a gift shop, and various shops and restaurants. Plan your visit!   9891586853_197297ce03_z 7744205372_970705e1a1_z Photos By: Chris GoldbergBoris Dzhingarov   Thinking about proposing soon? Check us out! We are Ring Cam the only engagement ring box with a camera in it that records proposals! Capture the special moment and relive it with your love forever. Check out our Shop, Testimonials, videos, or follow our social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you have any questions or thinking about working with us? visit our contact page. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you make your special day last forever.     For more information Check out these sites, http://brooklyn.about.com/od/brooklynbridge/a/The-Brooklyn-Bridge-Architectural-Wonder-New-York-City-Icon.htm http://www.history.com/topics/brooklyn-bridge http://www.viator.com/San-Francisco-attractions/Golden-Gate-Bridge-tours-tickets/d651-a1063?pref=02 http://www.paleisamsterdam.nl/en http://www.nottinghamcastle.org.uk/