“Romance is the glamor which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze” -Elinor Glyn. Each and everyday you spend with your beloved is special and magical, a precious gift. Though sometimes we get caught up in the everyday and things become mundane. As you step into this next phase of your journey step out of your normal everyday life and make your proposal a day filled with golden haze and wonder. Some may say the way to a girls heart is big romantic gestures, while in truth it may be the little thoughtful day by day actions that matter most. Either way, both are appreciated, so below you will find creative and romantic gestures of big and small to capture the heart of the one you love once and for all. Big romantic gestures sure to wow In the sky 2677534568_330dfec921_z photo by: Allie_Caulfield Hire a plane to write out will you marry me, or a blimp with a sign. Better yet take her up in the air to see it being written out.   In the news paper/magazine take out an add popping the question, or see if you can submit a love letter article popping the question. Trailer of a movie Have a Trailer made about the two of you and your life together, get your local movie theater to play it before the movie starts.  (Want something more private? Show it at a family and friend movie parlor or simply show her on your computer) Bonus: If you get the Ring Cam, you could even make your proposal video into a trailer to show your friends and family later.   Horse drawn carriage and a snow proposal 16281672987_6a59166dd7_z photo by: Brandon Nothings cozier and more romantic than cuddling up with the one you love, sipping on some hot chocolate and riding through the lit up city streets in a horse drawn carriage.  Play it off like you just want to go for a ride and have the carriage driver bring you to an area with a prebuilt snowman proposing to a snowoman or a snow castle and “will you marry me” written out.   Thoughtful proposals she’ll never forget Simple sunrise 11786305173_9a19d43685_z photo by: Richard Szwejkowski half hour before sunrise and blind fold her and take her somewhere you can see the sun rise. Tell her “I want a life that begins with you every morning” Memory/ Adventure book 342ed6a9b6e9edfaa2cc798b810656e2 photo by: unengagedundergrad Inspired from the movie up this proposal is sure to make her swoon. Create a book of all your favorite memories, and adventures you went on. Fill it with pictures, quotes, and reasons you loved those memories. For the second chapter of your book make lists of new adventures you want to go on and why you want her there with you. Have the last one in the book be the adventure of marriage and let her know that the real adventure is just beginning 🙂 Scavenger hunt A scavenger hunt is such a fun way to make your proposal a day long event. You can add so many different aspects to it too such as people or places she loves or love letters and videos leading her to the place you’ll propose. ( check this one out) Love letters To let her know how long you’ve been thinking about this moment write her love letters each day whether that be from when you met, a year before you proposed, or when you bought the ring. Place these letters around the room, in a jar, along the beach, or hanging in trees lit up with twinkle lights through the forest. Have the notes lead to an area thats been beautifully set up for the proposal 🙂 don’t forget to bring some treats to celebrate! Restaurants (check out some cute foodie proposals)  If you and your to be bride are big foodies, consider proposing at a restaurant. While there is your typical ring in the champagne at a classy meal here are some other good options for proposing at a restaurant listed below. Take a class where you can make your own meal cities have local cooking classes or special experiences in the kitchen at the restaurant. Think creative:
  1. Decorate cookies that spell out “will you marry me”
  2. Design a wedding cake for your future wedding”
  3. have her grab ingredients for the meal- each ingredient can have little notes on it such as  (sugar- “i can’t live without your sweetness”) ( eggs- “your eggsactly what I need”) ( yeast- “my love for you grows every minute”)
Another option available at fancy restaurants is dinning at the chefs table this is a very special experience and more private than in front of the whole restaurant. Here you also have many options:
  1. Have a special menu created with foods you enjoy or that bring back special memories (i.e. a special valentines meal you shared or what you had on your first date)
  2. Pop the question written out on the plate or food (i.e. frosting on a cake, or sauce on a main dish)
  3. Sometimes restaurants have stories of how they began have the restaurants story on the menu and change it slightly to bring in the story of you and your soon to be fiancee ( example: The stake house opened in 1991 and was a dream of Fred and Angela’s. Since it’s opening it has earned numerous awards….In 2015, Something very special happened at our restaurant. A man knew he had found the love of his life so he brought her to our restaurant for dinner. She has been with him through thick and thin and is his very best friend ect. This boy is named ( insert name here) and tonight he wants to know if ( insert her name here) would make him the happiest man on earth and be his wife. ) As she puts her menu down in awe you can get down on one knee to pop the question!
Finally at many restaurants you can rent a private room. There are so many things you can do with this:
  1. Decorate the room with twinkly lights, candles, and flowers for a romantic dinner.
  2. surprise her after the proposal with a feast and friends and family to celebrate
  3. post pictures and love notes around the room.
  4. create a runner of the history of your relationship leading you to the dinner table ( ex: date you met, photos of your first date, first kiss, anniversary, ending with the night we got engaged) Then ask her if she would share in love laughter and good meals together for the rest of her life 🙂
    Ones we’ve seen done that will inspire you Monopoly Proposal Puzzle piece ( see David and Rachel’s story) A ring that holds a love letter and the option to pick out your own ring Initial necklace with her new initials magic trick https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=191&v=57K6aTaCazM lights on a building video proposing everyday to a year.