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Brendon Barnwell and Rachel Nussbaum’s Proposal

like he said, the waterfall at the end of our morning hike was just too perfect to pass up. What he failed to mention (to his credit, it is likely to save me from embarrassment) was that just three minutes before the proposal, as we were hiking to the waterfall, I fell in the dirt and

Carey Morgan and Erin Mullins’s Proposal

I had Erin’s friend Rachel lure her to the church that we met at over five and a half years ago. There I was able to surprise her and formally propose. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice dinner and then met up with about 20 close friends and family at a bar to celebrate.

Azriel Sparks and Miriam Trujillo’s Proposal

To propose, he was wearing the same shirt he wore when he asked me to “date” him that said “Miriam Trujillo, will you date me?”. He had that custom made. Only this time it said, “Miriam Trujillo, will you Marry me?”.

Elliot Lee and Nancy Hwangs Proposal

I concocted a cover story that we were going out on a double date with my roommate and his girlfriend. When we arrived early, I casually suggested that we go for a walk around Sutro Heights Park. I brought her up to the parapet, where we enjoyed the ocean view.

Julio Cortez and Emily Cortez’s Proposal

Surprise picnic at Central Park in New York City. Emily was visiting me for the week of Thanksgiving, so we I proposed on Sunday, Nov. 20, so that we could have the week to celebrate!

Jeff Spinner and Jess Nolan’s Proposal

Before we start eating, everyone goes around the table and says what they are thankful for. I positioned myself last, so that I could get down on bended knee and propose….

Jessica Klaus and Sam Tzou’s Proposal

I couldn’t contain my excitement as he got down and one knee and asked “will you marry me?” That was the easiest “yes” of my life! He even…

Robert Bires and Sara Bires’s Proposal

We went back to visit the first place we met up at 2 years ago. We went down to the lake where we first were and were able to walk out on the frozen lake 2 years ago

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