Do you know everything there is to know about wedding cakes? The more information you know and consider ahead of time, the easier it will be choosing a cake! Lucky for you Ring Cam has all the tips you need to help you choose the best cake for your big day.

Choose a cake after making your major wedding decisions

You want your cake to match your venue, color scene, wedding gown, flowers and the season. When you arrive at your cake consultation come prepared. You do not have to have a complete sketch, but have your basic ideas in mind. This will make things easier for everyone. Also, if you are looking for a custom design bring along some inspiration like a swatch of lace from your dress or a picture of your wedding china.

Keep budget in mind

Wedding cakes are usually priced by the slice and this can range anywhere from $5-$35 per slice. When choosing which fillings and flavors for your cake keep in mind how much you want to pay. This will help you prioritize your choices. More flavors or more complicated flavors will make the cake more expensive. Also, fondant is usually more expensive than buttercream frosting. Handmade sugars will also add more dollars to each slice. Thinking about these factors ahead of time can make choosing a cake much easier.

Taste a cake: choose the flavor you want, not what everyone else wants

Besides looking amazing, your cake should taste good too! When you meet with bakers make sure to taste many different flavors. Don’t be afraid to stray away from the basic chocolate and vanilla. This is your cake on your special day and many bakers are used to working with complex flavors like ginger spice or hazelnut almond.

Consider the weather

If you are having an outdoor reception in a hot or humid climate you should probably stay away from whipped cream or buttercream. Frosting can also change the price of your cake a lot so this is something to consider. Ask your baker about summer frosting options or fondant. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be refrigerated!

Go mini?

Many bakers agree that mini cakes are a great idea. This is when each guest gets his or her own cake. This does require both its own decoration and box for each cake. Unfortunately, there are not boxes small enough for mini cakes so often the baker must construct custom individual boxes to transport the cakes. Consider how many guest you will have at your wedding and this will help you decide if mini cakes will be worth it! They would look really pretty as the servers bring out each individual cake to your guests.

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Get it on display

 Your cake will most likely be on display for much of the reception before it is cut. Make sure it has a designated, well-lit table that allows for the best possible presentation. Think about the design of your cake when choosing the shape of the table. A linear cake might be best on a square or rectangular table rather than a circular table. Drape the table with decorative colors, fabrics and flowers to match your cake design and wedding colors.

Top it off

There are many beautiful and unique ways to top off your cake. You can get creative instead of going with two plastic figurines. It is pretty if you have an heirloom piece or you can sculpt almost anything out of sugar. A bouquet of sugar flowers, icing ribbons, or even your new monogram would be a beautiful way to top off your cake.

 Lock down delivery details

Cakes typically require a refrigerated van and a lot of coordination. Save yourself the stress and have your cake delivered on your big day! This will be one less thing you will have to worry about. Complex cakes may not arrive in their final form so make sure to allow time and space for assembly. It is very important to discuss all delivery details with your baker before signing a contract.

After the wedding… avoid freezer burn

Eating your wedding cake on your one year anniversary sounds better than it tastes. Even if you go through the most extreme packaging it will not taste the same as on your wedding day. It is much better to indulge on your two-week or even one-month anniversary rather than waiting for the one year. Then you will taste the same flavors that you spent hours deciding on.

No matter what your cake looks like or tastes like we know that your wedding day will be incredibly special!


This post was written by Ring Cam blogger, Bailey Berberich