Our Story

How We Met
We meet at my brothers house. It was the first day she met my sister in-law, and was invited over for dinner. I went over there to pick my mother up and ended up meeting the most beautiful girl in the world.

How He Asked
My plan was to ask Nicole to marry me at the same place we met each other, at my brothers house. I wanted to propose in the same spot that we first shook hands. My sister in-law, mother, and brother left (as planned) so it would just be her and I. Once they left, I started shaking and needed a way for her to stay out side, so she gave me some fruit to put in the fridge (which I forgot to put in the fridge). I grabbed the ring cam that was on top of the fridge and headed out side. Catching her completely off guard while she was eating a peach. It was a perfect proposal because it captured exactly who we are, our goofiness, our love for each other, and our happiness to be with each other.

Catches an unforgettable moment