Our Story

How We Met When we were in 8th grade we meet through a mutal friend. We used to stay up late talking on AIM together. We lost touch from the beginning of high school until our senior year when we joined a co-ed soccer team together. One day Tiffani had a girls night with her friend Annie at Ryan’s house while he was at the X-games with his dad and Harry. Tiffani, Annie and Ryan’s mom stayed up talking into late that night. Tiffani decided to text Ryan saying how crazy it was that she was at his house and he wasn’t even there. From that day forward we have been inseparable.
How He Asked Ryan decided to book a surprise vacation. He told Tiffani when they were going but that was it. After we finished classes for the semester we got in the car and headed where the GPS told us to go. Eight hours later we landed in Gatlinburg Tennessee. This place has held special meaning to us since it is the first place we ever went on a vacation together. We have also made a trip down the last two summers. In the past we stayed in a tent but this year no tent was packed…. Ryan decided to rent a treehouse for the trip. The tree house was beautiful. One the first day they spent time exploring. On the second day Ryan planned a hiking trip to go to Rainbow Falls. 2.7 miles up then 2.7 miles down. The trek up was good. The humidity and uphill made for a few breaks. Once we made it to the falls it was all worth the hike. We decided to climb up to get a good picture on the go pro. Once Ryan got the go pro set he came over (got the ring cam started in his pocket) and he got down on one knee. Tiffani of course said yes and was in awe. We were so excited and tried to call our families but the cell reception was bad in the mountains (who would have guessed?) So we took tons of pictures and started our trek down. Less then a quarter of a mile down Tiffani fell on some uneven rocks and rolled her ankle. It was a long 2.5 mile down with a limp. After a ton of swelling we decided it would be best to go to the ER and get x-rays. Fortunately her ankle was not broken but the doctor said “you sprained the heck out of it” the doctor decided the best case of action to take was to treat it like a break and boot it. So here we are celebrating our engagement boot and all!
We are able to view our engagement forever. Ryan