How He Proposed


Jess manages a Pizza Restaurant, Crust 54. On Monday afternoon, I had a friend order a pizza from Crust54 to be delivered to PIllar Church across the street (knowing that Jess would be the one that delivers the Pizza). The previous day, I asked our friend Anthony Garcia to pre-make a pizza with the words saying, “Jess Will You” in black olives. At 2:30 that rainy afternoon, Jess walked across the street with the pizza not knowing what was inside. I waited across the street with friends and family holding umbrellas that spelled “Marry Me?”


I was surprised when I saw Sam across the street. At first I thought, “Oh, he must be at some Hope College meeting, and he came out to meet me to get the pizza. How sweet!” As I got closer, I saw our friends (the Ring Cam Wing-men) standing there, and I knew. Sam asked me to look at the pizza, and I read “Jess will you…” and then I looked up and saw umbrellas that spelled “Marry me?” I couldn’t contain my excitement as he got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” That was the easiest “yes” of my life! He even modeled the proposal after how he asked me to go on our first date with the same piece of gum! I could choose the “no thanks” gum or the beautiful diamond ring before me. The afternoon was perfect. I am actually really glad he used the Ring Cam (many asked if I thought he would since I know what the box looks like.) It all happened so fast, and it’s easy to forget little details in the whirl of emotion, but thankfully, it’s all on camera!
All Things Wedding

The Big Day

May 28, 2017


My Father’s House Church
609 W 20th St, Holland, MI 49423
3 pm


Yacht Basin Marina Conference Center
1866 Ottawa Beach Rd.
Holland, MI 49424
5 pm
Bridal Party

Bridal Party


Amanda Poe (Sister)
Carly McShane(Former housemate)
Denae Armstrong(Former Roommate)
Jordan Dennen (Friend from Hope College)
Katie Wersinger (Friend from High School)


Daniel Tzou (Brother)
Matthias DeJongh (Former Roommate)
Robby Sjoholn (Former lab partner)
Russell Fyfe (Co-worker)
Scott Brandonisio (Co-worker)
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Recommended Hotels
We have several wedding blocks set up for our guests at two hotels. Rooms can be booked for either May 27th or May 28th. When calling you may either ask for the room under the name “Tzou” or “Klaus” Haworth Inn : 225 College Ave, Holland, MI 49423) —616) 395-7200 Country Inn & Suites By CarlsonHolland Town Center, 12260 James Street, Holland, MI 49424– (616) 396-6677