How She Asked
Adrianna found out about the ring, so I knew I needed to do it on a day she wouldn’t expect. So I chose her birthday! I set up a pamper day for her and her best friend with hair, make-up, and pedicures. Also, I rented a really nice hotel room. After checking in, we walked to a nearby restaurant where all her friends met us. Her mom works overnights nearby so I told Adrianna I had to leave dinner a little early to pick up her mom so she could be there for cake. Really, my mom had already picked her up and was waiting back at the hotel.  We set everything up at the hotel’s pool area. Adrianna and her friends walked back to the hotel and when she got there, her two best friends blind folded her.

Everyone then met me at the pool deck where they each held a candle. Adrianna and her two best friends walked her (still blind folded) to outside the door of where we all were. They took off her blind fold and handed her a little book I made with a picture of where we met, where I realized I was in love, where I realized I wanted to marry her, and then a picture of the hotel we were staying at that said “turn around..” She then walked outside and saw all her friends with candles and myself waiting. The song “Over and Over Again” was playing.
I love being able to capture the little moments. -Sara