How He Asked

Our favorite thing to do together is go to country music concerts. We have been together for 8 years. There is a parking structure in downtown Detroit that we love to park and tailgate at. It has the best view of the city by far. We went October 29th to Luke Bryan’s concert at ford field.

Before the concert while we were at the top of the parking structure I had my buddies girlfriend distract Danielle and they both went downstairs to find a bathroom. When she came back up she walked out from the elevator and I came up behind her and blind folded her. I walked her over to the ledge that looks over ford field, comerica park, and Detroit. On the ledge I wrote will you marry me? I told her to take the blind fold off and I asked her…I don’t think she actually said yes, she was so excited she could only scream (close enough). There also was a random photographer on the roof the exact same time I proposed and he caught it all! Thank you ring cam!