No matter the special occasion, a woman’s dress can make or break her day. I’ll never forget when someone else’s date stepped on the train of my blue floor-length sequinned dress at senior prom. A piece of the glittery fabric ripped right off, and my heart was broken. And while senior prom is notably less stressful than your wedding day, the same heartache can be felt by women on the day they day “I do”.

But this issue can, in fact, be entirely avoided if you’re rocking one of the up-and-coming trends in the wedding industry: a short dress.

I know that when someone says the words “wedding dress” your mind automatically pictures the long white gowns that have been showing in the movies and media for years. Some of these gowns take up the length of the entire middle aisle and it requires having someone else to gather the excess fabric behind you. Long dresses are also prone to quite a few mishaps including rips, snags, tripping, and wearing such a heavy dress can simply be uncomfortable.

Yes, wearing a short wedding dress is not incredibly common, but if you do not feel comfortable in long dresses and maxi dresses just aren’t your thing, then why rock one on your big day? Here are 6 reasons why the short wedding dress is so great!

1. Be stylishly comfortable

Have you ever tried dancing in a long heavy dress? It’s hard! You get sweaty quickly and you are constantly worried about someone stepping on the back of your dress. No one wants to relive the horror of my senior prom and rip their dress part way through the reception or, even worse, during the actual ceremony.

2. Your wallet will love you

Shorter dresses are significantly less expensive and you’re also saving money on alterations. It’s a win-win! With shorter dresses, you do not have to get them hemmed at the bottom which will mean fewer fittings. You spend less money and time on a shorter dress, but still get to look beautiful on your special day.

3. You get to show off your amazing shoes and legs

Saving money on the dress means more money for shoes! Now you can get the super cute pumps you’ve been dreaming of and you can show them off too! Your legs and feet are fully exposed and ready to dance. This does mean you’ll have to make sure your legs are shaved because they won’t be hidden by the long dress anymore. Sorry to all you brides who thought you could pull off prickly legs. 

4. You can go to the bathroom in peace

Ever wonder what it’s like to go to the bathroom with three of your wedding party crammed in the stall with you to hold your dress up while you pee? Now you don’t have to! Short dresses allow you to pee in peace by yourself. During the craziness of a wedding reception, it’s nice to have your own private time in the bathroom away from all your guests.

5. It fits in a suitcase

If you’re travelling abroad or even across the states to get married packing a wedding dress can be a real pain. You can eliminate the stress of finding a way to transport your long, heavy gown by wearing a short dress! This is perfect for a wedding abroad and you will still look amazing. 

6. You can wear it again! …and again and again

Typically, short dresses are more casual than long ones so you will be able to wear this dress for many other occasions in the future!

When you’re shopping for a dress keep in mind the awesome benefits of wearing a short dress and maybe even try a few on!

This post was written by Bailey Berberich, Ring Cam Blogger