How He Asked

Kathleen and Stephen met through their involvement at Epiphany Catholic Church in Katy, where they spend much of their time volunteering as musicians, catechists, and chaperones. Kathleen worked with Stephen’s sister, brother, and mother at the church, and their friendship bloomed over a fun summer together in 2015. After much “encouragement” from their family, friends, and community, Stephen and Kathleen began dating in January 2016, and they have spent all of their time together since. With a shared love for comics, movies, soccer, and teaching, they are just right for each other in every way.
How did the proposal go down?
After a long day of moving boxes into Stephen’s new apartment, he nervously hinted to his mother to go downstairs and take a picture of him with his soon to be fiance on the balcony. As Kathleen walked out the door she noticed Stephen’s family and her dad still in the parking lot watching and waiting. It was a confusing time. To make it even more confusing, after the picture, Stephen handed Kathleen a box. “What is this,” she thought as she opened it. To her surprise it was a key. She acted excited for the spectators, but was incredibly confused inside, especially when they started clapping (they were confused as well!). “But you know you can’t move in until we are married, right?” Stephen asked anxiously. “Yes,” Kathleen replied. “Well, you are going to need this,”Stephen said as he got down on one knee (after much rearranging and making sure everything was just right to document the moment). With a camera in one hand and a Jared box in the other, Stephen then asked Kathleen to marry him. Of course she said yes and they met the family below in the parking lot for chilled champagne.