Dear friends, when thinking about what type of blog to write you all it has been on my heart to reach the population of those of you that are in long term relationships. Those of you that have long surpassed the “average” of two years of dating. I know the world is pressuring. I know they are constantly asking and questioning you. And I know that you are probably sick of all of this asking and pressure. Because of this, I wanted to write something or give some sort of advice or encouragement to you. So no matter where you are at in life or in your relationship here is what I have to offer. Be present focused. Sure you want to keep your future in mind but try to be content in where you are at, right here and right now. Everything else I wanted to say couldn’t be said normally so here is a poem for what I hope to be as some encouragement to all of you.    

March and March on

For all who have dated for more than two years,

Who’ve laughed and who’ve cried through so many tears.

Who’ve had ups and had downs but still press on,

I encourage you to march and march on.

Relationships are scary but they erk you to grow.

They teach you many things that with out you’d never know.

They teach you to love, to be patient, and strong.

They teach you to march and to march on.

In a world where commitment can sometimes fade away,

Keep your love strong and precious each day.

When the devil comes knocking don’t open that door.

Just keep on believing and praying more.

When you’ve had enough and are at your wits end.

Just remember all you’ve been through with your love, your best friend.

Sure they may nag, they may cry, they may yell,

But remember you’ve done so before as well.

When I’m feeling angry and want to give in,

I simply remember the places I’ve been.

The times we’ve been through and all that he’s done,

I remember why he is the one.

He’s been through it all the ups and the downs,

And for so long he has stuck around.

He’s there when I laugh.

He’s there when I cry.

He’s there when I’m angry and all I can do is sigh.

So if you’re a waiting for that big old bling,

Stop and look around cuz you’ve for a better thing.

You’ve got one who loves you they love you a lot.

So be patient and enjoy the time that you’ve got.

Don’t look at the world just look from with in;

All that matters is you and your friend.

It’s not about them, not about anyone else.

It’s about your love, about God, and yourself.

So grow all you can and serve with all your heart,

That some day will come when you won’t have to part.

So keep on believing and don’t have a doubt,

Because when you choose love things tend to work out.

So say your “I’m sorry” and your “I was wrong”.

Humble your self and just march on.

So live life with joy and thank God above,

For you have been blessed with an opportunity to love.

A chance to learn how to love like He does.

A chance to learn to chose to love.

A chance to rise though others may fall

A chance to see through it, and see through it all.

So as you wait, don’t wait at all,

Just look up and smile and march and march on.

photo by: Mrhayata

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