Written by: The Alpha Groom About the Author: The Alpha Groom is an app and a website that helps men navigate all of their groom responsibilities, from planning the proposal to choosing a tux to orchestrating the best honeymoon. Whether you are the groom that finds joy in picking table linens or the one who’s getting married just to have a Bachelor party, The Alpha GroomTM app will get you from “Will you marry me” to “I Do” in one incredibly smooth piece.   So much emphasis is placed on the bride’s wedding ring that the groom’s ring is almost an afterthought. Perhaps it’s due to the stereotypical male aversion to jewelry, or the bigger market or industry geared toward women’s wedding rings. In any case, times are changing, and men’s wedding rings are becoming more stylish, coveted and unique than ever before. But how does one pick out a men’s wedding ring? Here a couple tips to get you started, because as much thought should be spent on picking out the groom’s ring as the bride’s. It’s all in the metal  Don’t get us wrong: gold is great. However, there are so many more options available than when our parents got married that it would be a shame to ignore all your modern options. Metals such as titanium, palladium, tungsten and platinum are all being used for rings, each bringing their own unique qualities. Platinum, for instance is a very elegant white metal and its rarity makes it considered the most luxurious of the metals. Titanium is another unique metal for dudes who don’t traditionally like to wear jewelry. It’s incredibly strong, durable and comes in its gunmetal gray hue or black. One of the grades of this material is called “aircraft grade”—and if that doesn’t sound badass, then we don’t know what does. 7427737774_ed6bcc666a_z The ring should match the personality What kind of lifestyle does he enjoy? Is he active and spend a lot of time outdoors? Or is he a sophisticate with an eye for high-culture? Likely, he’s a little of both. Regardless, matching a ring to a lifestyle is an important, namely due to the wear-and-tear that certain activities can have on the metal. For outdoor-lovers, or athletes, it’s probably better to pick a durable metal like titanium, palladium or even tungsten—which may be the most resistant to scratches.   Will he wear the ring every day? Now, don’t get the wrong idea—we’re not advocating sleazy, hiding-the-wedding-ring-while-out-of-town shenanigans. What we mean is that there may be harsh safety requirements at their place of work that prohibit jewelry. Or, the messy nature of a job—whether it is construction, baking, etc.—would make it easy to ruin an expensive piece of jewelry. In lieu of wearing a wedding ring to a messy or prohibitive job, many guys have taken to wearing rings on a necklace, which honors the intent of the ring while keeping it out of harm’s way.   What’s the cost? No matter how many corners your cut, or how many deals you get, weddings are pricy. Even the most modest reception is likely to put a dent in your wallet. That’s why considering it might be in your best interest to reconsider the cost of the groom’s ring. Now, excuse us for sounding stereotypical, but us guys are probably less interested in the cost of our rings than the brides. Most times, we just want something that’s sleek, discreet-yet-fashionable, and durable, which is why metals like tungsten make excellent groom’s rings. alpha     Blog By: The Alpha Groom Photos by: Abhishek Jacob and Ryan Hyde   Thinking about proposing soon? Check us out! We are Ring Cam the only engagement ring box with a camera in it that records proposals! Capture the special moment and relive it with your love forever. Check out our Shop, Testimonials, videos, or follow our social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you have any questions or thinking about working with us? visit our contact page. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you make your special day last forever.

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