How they met Do you remember the online blogging communities from the early 2000s? These websites were the precursor to modern social networks and online dating and in their case, the most improbable of relationships. As social media began gaining traction, people started leaving the site. And over time, their paths began to cross. A comment here. An instant message there. Just friendly banter from time to time. Then in the summer of 2009, she decided to get away from her hometown of Toronto and visit her childhood friend in San Diego. Thinking nothing of it, the two decided to try and meet. Why not? They went on a few group outings around San Diego during her visit. But for some reason, after her visit, they continued chatting. A lot more than usual. Whether lamenting over their studies or video chatting in broken french and Chinese, sharing YouTube videos or exploring the Christian faith together, this was the start of something more than before. By the following February, they decided to start officially dating. International flights, a three-hour time difference and busy schedules were less than ideal conditions for a new relationship. But by God’s grace, they pressed on. They celebrated many birthdays and graduations. Interviews and job offers. So after many years of fun-filled memories, life-defining milestones and God-given blessings shared together, he decided to pop the question. An intensely elaborate plan behind a simple but life-changing gesture… she said yes.
How he asked I walk around the concert hall because I was never there before. I tried to find a good location but was decided to wait for my friend, Fern to come and help. She was also our photographer. I took a break to write the card. At the concert hall, I made friends with the ushers and girls at the check-in desk and told them my plan. They were obviously excited and wanted to help. So when Dee finally arrived, the girls would tell her to go upstairs to the 3rd floor for the event. At the same time, thy would walkie talkie the guy on the 3rd floor for heads up. On the 3rd floor, an usher named Ken texted me when he saw her get out the elevator. That was my cue to get ready. I was hiding in this walkway area behind the concert hall where there was a doorway. As she walked down the hallway towards the event location, I surprised her. But as I did, she could already see my friend/photographer hiding in the bushes. But before she could really see who it was, I got down on one knee and started rambling. I was so nervous that I forgot to push the button on my ring box to record it but when I did push it, I was able to hear her say yes! We revealed my friend, gave her the flowers and took some pictures. Later we went to lunch at a roof top restaurant on Wilshire, drove to Venice Beach and then up the coast to Malibu. We stopped by the beach and then had a sunset dinner at Geoffrey’s. After that, we drove all the way down to Anaheim to get ready for Disneyland the next day.

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