1. Right before the Ceremony is the most nerve-racking part

The time leading up to walking down the aisle will give you a lot of anxiety! It makes sense, you are about to make a huge life changing decision in front of all your friends and family. Remember that your other half is right there with you and there will be a huge party after (with all of your favorite people!) to celebrate.

2. Your cheeks will hurt

You never thought you could smile so much! Between the thousands of pictures, being surrounded by all your closest friends and family, and finally making it official with the man of your dreams – there is NO reason to frown!

3. Husband?! Lol.

Yeah, that’ll take some getting used to. Now the man of your dreams is finally your husband. You’ll also have to get used to the new last name!

4. You’ll be able to go with the flow more than expected

During the planning process you may be obsessed with perfecting every little detail, but on the big day those nitty gritty elements fade into the background. You’ll be too busy soaking up the big day to let little details get in the way.

5. You might not actually see (or get to talk to) every guest

Try your best to see everyone, but don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t happen. It is a crazy day for you. This is more likely if you have a large guest list but, even with a smaller wedding, it is hard to get quality time with everyone you invited. One way to avoid this may be to come up with a plan to greet every guest at one point during the reception, or right after the ceremony.

6. You’ll definitely cry

This might not be a big secret – but crying is basically inevitable. Since you know it will happen, all you have to do is be prepared. Make sure to wear waterproof makeup and have your bridesmaids keep some mascara and lipstick nearby for touchups.

7. You’ll want a little alone time

You might be so overcome with emotion you might want a few moments by yourself or just the two of you to take it all in. Some of the best moments of the day are the times you get to spend alone with your spouse preparing for what’s to come and celebrating together.

8. You’ll feel different

Even if you and your spouse have been together for years, once you are married, things will feel more official! It might feel like a small shift or a big change, but you will feel a little different in the weeks following your wedding.

This post was written by Bailey Berberich, Ring Cam Blogger