Hey everyone! This is Kerry, I have been posting my dad’s awesome blogs but this one is one of my own! I hope you enjoy some of these great ideas! The first thing you need to know to throw the perfect bachelorette party is your Bride.  What is she looking for? What are her morals and values? What does a “good time” mean to her?  Some brides are looking for “one last hurrah” a crazy evening with stripers, drinks, and scavenger hunts to getting guys phone numbers. others are looking for a simple good time with their friends: some fun games, light on the drinking, and no men allowed- maybe even just a girls getaway. No matter your brides style, your budget, or level of craziness this blog will help you think of some good ideas to remember ( or not ). A) Low budget- Low crazy- lots of fun! Under 50 dollars ( depending on people and drink amounts) This type of bachelorette party is good for a small group of good friends that just enjoy being with each other. For my sisters bachelorette party it was a simple and fun put together. The girls were invited for a sleepover, dinner, drinks, games and a movie. When the girls arrived we all ate dinner ( a pizza) together. Her friends were from out of town so it was a good chance to catch up and talk about all of the things they had been doing in life. Next, we all went to this nice little place where we could taste some wines ( Make sure you have a DD) . For added fun we bought sashes, and crowns to wear. After this we came back to the house and played some fun games. wine taste   Game ideas- Wedding telepictionary– This game is hilarious! Everyone takes the same amount of paper as their are people in the circle. For example if you have 8 girls everyone will have 8 sheets of paper in a stack (cut up roughly the size of an iphone or a little bigger). On the first sheet everyone writes a silly sentence EX. “ the groom forgets the brides name during the ceremony” or “ The wrong cake is at the wedding and a striper pops out”. When everyone is finished writing their silly sentence each girl passer her stack to the person next to her ( right or left which ever way you want to go).  Every girl will then read this sentence to herself and place that sheet of paper at the end of the stack. On top should now be a blank sheet of paper, upon which the girl will try to draw out this scenario. Again when everyone is finished you pass your stack in the same direction and the next girl will look at the picture, place it at the bottom of the stack, and attempt to write a sentence that she thinks the picture is showing. This continues until everyone ends up with their own stack. The funniest is when everyone shares their sentences and photos. You will end up with some crazy things! Groom Trivia– This was a fun game. I had asked my soon to be brother in law some questions earlier and my sister had to try and answer them how he would and see if she got them right. “Horse shoes”– but not with your typical ring if ya know what i mean. if you don’t know what I mean the name of this game is pecker “ring toss” and you can find it at an intimate store near you!   After the games we had some fun shaped cupcakes/ cakes/ straws and so on as we opened up  fun gifts. We then proceeded to settle down and watch a movie for the night.   2) Another option that has been becoming quite popular is to instead throw a lingerie party and give your bride many gifts.   3) Finally for a third low budget option you can try contacting your local Mary Kay and having them come out to help you try on makeup and other beauty treatments. If you are looking for a cheaper version of this you can always have people coordinate to create your own spa night. Have each person bring one or a few of the below items. 1) Face masks ( you can find these at your local grocery store, Ulta, or for fresh products visit lush) 2) nail polish 3) cucumbers 4) mix your own bath salts ( have someone buy 3 or 4 scents in a bigger quantity and everyone can mix the scents they like) 5) make up – foundation, eye shadow, mascara, blush, the works face mask ( bouns points if she can make her guy use the left overs with her later)   B) Medium Budget – low  and medium crazy- 200-300 dollars   1) A popular thing now days has been to go out to a special place to learn how to take some dance lessons. These aren’t just any type of dance: these places have pole dancing, belly dancing, strip tease and lap dancing classes. Classes may be more expensive ($100-200 deposit) with a ( 30-40 dollar rate per person) but hey its a learning experience for everyone!  These type of things are also more likely to be found in big cities so this may become more expensive if you live far out. Here is an example of a place that does these kinds of things in Chicago. Flirty Girl Fitness Tip: If you plan on going out for drinks do it after your dance class, most places  state that they have a right to refuse service if you are intoxicated. 2) If your not up for dancing but like to be creative their are many places that hold bachelorette parties where you can learn how to paint a beautiful picture. Some places like Paint and Pour in Ann Arbor, Michigan even let you bring wine and things for while you are creating your art! This is only 35 dollars per person. paint and pour 3) Finally, a third option is to do wine tasting.  some wineries even let people make their own blends. If your not up for creating your own wine there are also some cool places where you can mix your own candle like at Holland Michigan’s Moynihan’s  Prices start around 18 dollars per candle candle2     So We have made it to the  c) Crazy High budget party those ones you see on TV here are some good options 1) The spa relaxing one Before my sister got married my mom took us for a surprise. She didn’t tell us where we were going and we hoped in the car and drove away. We ended up at a little hotel called The Abbey in Lake Geneva Wisconsin and we had a lovely weekend getaway at the town and spa. I think this would be a great thing to do for this type of party. Tell the bride to clear her weekend plans tell her what to pack and don’t tell her where she is going. There are plenty of little towns with spa hotels all over the world just waiting to be explored. Many places have spa packages that include hotel, dinner, and a spa item of your choice. so go get that facial, massage, or mani pedi! have a night on the down or order in room service. Put on one of those fancy hotel robes and drink champaign! or just spend the afternoon in a hot tub or steam room. These types of things can be more expensive but they are so worth the fun and relaxation you will receive. Plus instead of waking up with a hang over you will wake up feeling relaxed well rested and lest stressed. and don’t forget to shop in a near by little town. 2) The Crazy last fling Las Vegas one Cirque du Soleil– Las Vagas has 8 different Cirque du Soleil shows to choose from! Blue Man Group– Something I have always wanted to see! The blue man group is well known to be a good time! Paris hotel– Stay at the famous Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. There are many luxurious rooms as well as a spa, shopping, cabaret, a roof top night club, and the eiffel tower experience! rates- starting at $100 There are also plenty of bars, casinos, and other shows to choose from 3) Be a kid for one more day at Disney one! Disney is always so much fun no matter what age you are at. There are rides, restaurants, fire works, shows and even down town disney with many bars and clubs. One of my disney favorites though is the Epcot International Food and Wine festival. Here you can walk, eat, drink, and shop your way around the world. This happens every fall from around september 19th to november 10th. With over 25 market places (Africa, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Patagonia, Poland, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Singapore,  South Korea and more) there is so much to try. The best thing is that it is all delicious from Sushi in Japan or  Pork sliders in Hawaii to Margaritas in Mexico or Mongolian beef in China. You won’t be disappointed. But if your wedding isn’t any where near the fall months check out some of these places: Cirque du Soleil – La Nouba at downtown disney- a performance that always astounds! House of Blues– Grab a drink and check out live shows Stay at Disney’s Board Walk– just a short walking distance from epcot, the  Board Walk has many great attractions, There is an ESPN bar, a dance hall, a piano bar, and even street performers. There are also many great places to eat and shop as well as fun surrey bikes to rent and ride around There are also 4 theme parks and 2 water parks to visit. Currently for a single day ticket it is $99 for the Magic Kingdom and $94 for other theme parks. A water park one day pass is $53. If you want a park hopper pass to allow you to go from park to park it is another $60 but it is well worth your flexibility. For fun- you can also spice things up by buying bride to be Mickey ears or all dressing up as your favorite disney princess! For further reading, follow this link. https://www.jenreviews.com/makeup-tips/ Our friends at Jen Reviews also wrote a really interesting blog on makeup tips every woman should know. They’ve got some great stuff! Thinking about proposing soon? Check us out! We are Ring Cam, the only engagement ring box with a camera in it that records proposals! Capture the special moment and relive it with your love forever. Check out our Shop, Testimonials, videos, or follow our social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you have any questions or thinking about working with us? visit our contact page. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you make your special day last forever.

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