There is no doubt that the holidays are a popular time for proposals–the family is all together, people are in a good mood, everyone has time off work to celebrate, etc. While proposing over the holidays definitely has its perks, it also raises additional things you’ll want to think about before going ahead and popping the question. Here we’ve compiled some tips for proposing over the holiday season:

Be original

Because the holidays are such a popular time for proposals, you’ll want to ensure that your proposal is one that stands out. For example, wrapping the ring in a giftbox or hiding it on a tree branch are two incredibly common holiday proposals. Try to get a bit more creative so that your proposal is unique!

Be flexible

In the winter months, weather can often be pretty unpredictable. Even though you might have picked the perfect place or time for your proposal far in advance, try to have some back-up ideas as well. This is especially true if you’re planning on proposing outside–you never know when that snowstorm is going to hit!

Be mindful of scheduling

You might want to give your friends and family a heads-up about the proposal ahead of time. The holiday season can be incredibly busy and full of different holiday parties. If you want to ensure that your friends and family will be available to celebrate, it might be worth letting them know ahead of time (but maybe think twice about telling someone who could potentially ruin the surprise!)

Save time for yourself

Because family and friends are usually together over the holidays, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to celebrate your engagement with them. While this is something you’ll definitely want to do, you should also make sure to save time for just you and your new fiance. Getting engaged is incredibly special, which means you two will want to have some time to yourselves, too!

Don’t “take away” from the actual holiday

If you are thinking about popping the question on the day of a holiday itself, you want to consider whether this is actually your best bet. Oftentimes, the actual day of a holiday can be stressful and already full of activity. Also, it might make your proposal more special if it happens on a day that isn’t already a “special” day.

Capture the moment

Whether you decide to propose during the holidays or not, capturing the moment is important. The moment you pop the question and she says “yes!” is one you’ll never want to forget. One great way to get her reaction on film is by using the Ring Cam, a ring box that has a camera built-in. With Ring Cam, you can re-watch the moment again and again: great footage to show friends and family, announce your proposal online, or even just to keep for yourselves. For more information about Ring Cam, visit

This post was written by Ring Cam blogger, Monika DeWitt